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I know it’s a much bigger screen but surely making sifting the presenters a bit further apart from each other would look good TEN10 did it (and their desk is roughly the same size).


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Random Mocks

This won’t work with their current green screen set up. It’s very basic. They’re not using any tracking, so the background graphic will stay static while everything in front will zoom. It’ll be like one of those vertigo zooms they do on thrillers, and wouldn’t look good on a 6pm news bulletin.

To see what I mean about not tracking, just compare the shot of Vanessa by herself, then the two shot with Mike. The background graphic is in the exact same position and size compared to the picture, not the plasma. In the two shot, the background image is cropped.

The only way to fix it is to go to a generic background like NBN have (but of course updated for the new styling).


They could also have the lead story on the screen as another option.




Or pan in with a 9 News logo on the screen for the opener.
Then use the zoomed in local image, mixed with story graphics for subsequent stories.


Has anyone spotted a promo for “9 News Central West” which premieres Monday?


Couldn’t stop for a photo, but spotted a bus stop ad for Nine News Illawarra near the Warrawong end of Northcliffe Drive yesterday. It had the starting date so might have been there for at least a week.


Was it like this? I meant to post it when I took the photo, but I forgot:


“First and Best” has to be one of most inaccurate slogan ever used by a news service.


If not the same, very similar. Thought it may have just had a white background though?? Can’t remember, but the same messsaging nonetheless.


I agree … and Nine News regional has been around for like, 5 mins…
Can’t see how they can claim being “the best”.


For anyone interested, Samantha Heathwood can be seen here presenting the early news in 2012.

Also interesting to note that during the weather flyaround, they were using the old music from the 2006 package!


I think it adequately describes Nine News Sydney but, yes, it is inappropriate for the local news.


Media week article


Well, until I saw the picture in that article, I thought the Mike Dalton that is overseeing the regional bulletins must have been the same one that reports for Nine News Sydney !! :persevere:

I don’t know WHY I thought that!


Yeah, the Mike Dalton who oversees the regional bulletins (and I believe also had a similar role at Nine News Queensland for a few years) is a different Mike Dalton to the Nine News Sydney Fluff/Puff Piece Correspondent!


Ballarat’s catchment areas takes in Warrnambool (35,000), Horsham (17,000), Portland (10,000), Hamilton (10,000), Ararat (7,000), Stawell (7,000) plus everywhere in between. I’d say it’s significantly bigger than Bendigo.


Also up to bordering areas of Geelong. It’s a huge footprint.


Also reaches some parts of Geelong incl Ocean Grove according to myswitch.