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18:10 Unnecessary 9News full-screen transition from the California dam report to the local window (ACT politics story, Holt 7-Eleven robbery vision vo/read, Murrumbateman development story)

Edit: I hope I misheard “…hardly nowhere to stay…” :disappointed:


The Canberra version has a prerecorded feel, similar to WIN’s All Australian News. The graphic of Parliament House behind O’Hanlon didn’t change up til the first break. The news stories are fine - it’s the studio presentation that is dull, as dull if not duller than WIN. There is also background noise in the studio that is being picked up through the microphone.


Yep, reckons there is no accommodation available between the ACT border and Yass, which is absolute rubbish.


You realise I was unhappy about the shit grammar?


Doubly wrong then.


Nothing has even been posted on the 9 News Illawarra Facebook or Twitter pages yet… They really need to work on their social media. I don’t know if 9 or SCA are managing the accounts?


I agree with this. The strobing on the local image behind presenter is also annoying. Presentation is dull but there was a good mix of local stories after 6.10pm tonight for the Illawarra.

-Local coverage of abandonment of council amalgamations in addition to O’Keefe’s Sydney story that lead the bulletin.
-House invasion at Sanctuary Point.
-Missing girl on far south coast (vo).
-Electrical fire in Corrimal street.
-Steel bill in state parliament (vo).
-New Member for Wollongong sworn into state parliament (vo).

The Holt, ACT robbery also got a run in the Illawarra local window but that has also been running in national bulletins all day. ACT same sex government bill also mentioned after first break.

I’m more optimistic that they can make this model work after what I’ve seen tonight but it won’t be my first choice for news at 6pm. I switched to the Sydney news at 6.30pm.


18:29 (Mid-north coast wife running cheating husband’s camper off the road) report start super had the reporter name right-aligned, for no apparent reason.

A tiny thing compared to the other bigger issues with the new 9News bulletin(s).


Shame the earlier (more later) teaser was shown in Canberra but we didn’t get the follow-up (nor should we).


She should’ve said “for Illawarra viewers”.


18:37 Sydney WestConnex road infrastructure federal funding story being shown, but given it’s about an Auditor General’s report about inappropriate spending of federal taxpayer funds, this is at least of some interest compared to the other Sydney stories we’ve seen in “9News Canberra”.


9News Canberra sport segment:

  • PM XI T-20 in Canberra
  • World Club Challenge in London
  • A-League football (read/vo)
  • EPL football (read/vo)
    Transition (shared?)
  • Andrew Walker ACT Brumbies Super Rugby (read/vo)
  • AFL: GWS Giants talent seach in Canberra
  • UC Capitals WNBL (read/vo)

Oh and of course tonight still the same boring background (why are per-story backgrounds too hard?).

PS: Like last night, again the end music was abrubptly cut off (before it could finish) with the switch to ACA. (Nine just need to shift their timing to end the music 1 or 1.5 seconds earlier, and I think it’d be fine if it was silent for a second.)


WIN News claiming a ratings win over Nine News Illawarra on Monday, but Nine is claiming a win over WIN stating they had a bigger reach.


Opener and closer from 9 News Illawarra tonight:

Opener and closer from 9 News Sydney as a comparison:


And a comparison of how the two bulletins covered the same story (council amalgamations), including a localised cross to Parliament House at the end. The cross had a ‘live’ tag on the Sydney bulletin, but not the Illawarra bulletin.




Montage from night 2 (14/2/2017):


Yes, i agree.
The stories seem fine, and the story selection (while being a little odd at times) doesn’t seem to be too bad. I don’t mind Vanessa’s reading style, she seems pretty good, and I’d certainly see no reason to not watch a bulletin she was presenting. But, that set, the boring background, it’s so dull. In my opinion, it is worse than WINs presentation.
WINs is boring too, but at least WIN fake a set, and use OTS graphics.

Nine’s presentation is a close zoom in on the presenter 99.5% of the bulletin, with a relatively plain local image and some swirling swirls. It’s boring!
It would get annoying after an entire hour. It definitely drags down the entire quality of the rest of the bulletin in my opinion.

Some more dynamic background graphics, more shots of the desk, and small surroundings and some fucking opening headlines!!! (the lack of these just annoys me so much) and it would look MUCH better than it does now, and certainly would look much more polished than WINs bulletin does.


I don’t think so. Nine may be producing this news for SCA and doing the launch promos. But I don’t think they would be paying for a marketing budget to buy radio ads, newspaper ads, off air channel spend. Nor is Nine responsible for how often SCA runs promos.


The thing that is jarring me the most (apart from the lack of headlines and terrible set and backdrop) is the script writing.

When you watch the Sydney bulletin the script has a very story telling vibe about it, it flows. It sounds natural. They are well written words. It gives an air of gravitas and importance as well as the facts.

Vanessa says Good Evening then boom
Right into the facts. The camera shot is locked and there is no introduction to the story - just right to cold facts. It feels cold abbrubt and awkward.

They need to start with a wider shot of the set. And Vanessa needs wor warmly welcome people. Then some introduction to the story. Make an emotional connection. Get me vested In the story.

Good Evening. NSW has recorded the highest day of average temperatures across the state today with 29 blazes burning. And people have been evacuating their homes. Chris evens has this report,

What it should be.
Good Evening. If you struggled getting to sleep last night with the heat, you had good reason. Todsy marked the highest average tempreture across NSW since record have been kept. That’s 111 years. And there seems to h no relief in sight. This graphic shows where the fires are burning and you can see almost no corner of the state is spared. And to add insult To ingury - tens of thousands of homes across southern NSW and the ACT are today without power as electricity grids failed. Chris Evens has our report.


They produce all these great background images for story specific graphics for the Sydney bulletin. Considering the fact the SNSW bulletin is produced 25 meters down the corridor - I don’t see why they can’t be repurposing these.