Nine News Regional


The old 9News Melbourne set… I mean wow, Victoria gets an actual set, in a studio larger than a linen cupboard!


Remember those promotional shots of Vanessa O’Hanlon on the new Nine News Sydney set? I wouldn’t be reading anything into that pic.


True, I am assuming a bit here, like that the insta pic is recent or there’d be a nicer photo in front of the awesome new set.


The caption to the photo read: “It’s been a while but back @9news tomorrow Long. Holiday. Over.” -
I wouldn’t read too much into it either - I’m not convinced that this photo is recent - it would be weird to go in to take a photo the day before she goes back, so it’s most likely an old photo.


If I was to guess, the photo was probably taken during the final months of 2016. The old Melbourne news set wouldn’t still be there at Docklands, would it?


I might be wrong, but I think that pic was taken last year.


When did Jo Hall stand down from Nine News Melbourne weekends?


Ah, damn. I’d think reusing the old set for the regional bulletin would be easy, provided there’s the space in whichever studio they’ll use.


IIRC, Jo left the weekend bulletin at the end of 2011, and that was also when Alicia Loxley (Alicia Gorey at the time) took over.


If they were doing promotional shots, why would they be using this set then?
The new Melbourne set is next to this one, so I’m hoping that the old set is brought back for regionals.
Plus didn’t Hitch say they’d be doing both bulletins side by side from each other?


I didn’t say they were as I don’t even believe it is a promotional shot for the regional news. I said Vanessa O’Hanlon’s promotional shots were done on the new Sydney set.


Of course they will be live. It would be completely stupid of Nine not to.


Melbourne has 3 studios.

  1. The main news studio which was also used for ACA and more recently footy classified.
  2. A slightly smaller studio next to it which has most recently been used for Kids WB
  3. The “TOSS” - short for Talent Operated Small space/Studio. This is used for late night news updates and when a remote talent cross to another city is required.


As mentioned here ^




That list is a bit old so I guess they have changed it slightly.


I wasn’t going to watch the Illawarra bulletin again for a while after last night but they seemed to have a decent mix of relevant local stories in the news break. I’ll be interested to see how they cover the abandonment of the Wollongong/Shellharbour council merger. I’d love to compare it to WIN’s coverage but the weather isn’t playing nice so I probably won’t be able to pick up WIN Wollongong tonight.


Firstly, that’s an old photo. It actually is more likely that the bulletin will use a set that’s the same as what the SNSW bulletins are getting.
Secondly, if they wanted to use the old set it could be moved to the other studio.
Thirdly, it would be stupid to prerecord a bulletin when it can easily be done better and live from another studio.


I don’t think he meant literally side by side… that would be a bit noisy and distracting


How do you know this? Considering you didn’t know how many studios they had.

But if true, this would just backup that it will be a new set they’re going to use and not the old set.