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I captured both the WIN and Nine bulletins and here’s a comparison to see how Nine and WIN covered the same local story. Interesting how WIN says $25,000 in damages but Nine claim $40,000 in damages. WIN’s story also seems more detailed – with video of the burnt-out car.




I think because it’s not wholly their own project, but a 50/50 with SCA (well probably more Nine than SCA), but it just looks and feels like a really half arse attempt - when we all know Nine is a lot more polished. It’s definitely not off to a good start here.


Wow! No local windows, and a weather report shown in the Illawarra with a zoom in on the forecast for Canberra suburbs… this is not good.

Let’s hope they merge in local windows quickly soon, because otherwise this model of news is destined to fail in my opinion.

If it is in fact their plan to use the same segments in all markets (which I’m assuming is not the case), then these bulletins WILL NOT work in QLD. Each market in our state has at least 1, if not 2 major cities in it. There’s no way stories from somewhere like the Sunshine Coast would be well received in a bulletin like 9 News Cairns, airing on TV screens over 1200km away.


Interesting to see in Post 1149 with the live cross that there was no “local” background shown behind Vanessa.


WIN and Nine’s opening titles from tonight side-by-side:

They sure look very similar.


Illawarra/Sydney Nine News Comparison.
*Purely local reports in bold.

Bushfire emergency.
Xie life sentence.
Federal politics- One Nation preference deal.
Albion Park RSL break in.
Illawarra council mergers.
Canberra parking stouche.
Minnamurra shark sighting
Winx wins- Live cross to Breen.
Grammy Awards.
ANZAC Test Canberra Stadium.
Disabled parking worries Wollongong.
ACT baby burn victim.


Illawarra hammer attack (vo).
Potential dam collapse California (vo).
Dodgy Sydney dentist.
Conman extradited (vo).
Hamburg airport security scare (vo).
Alan Jones announces return date.


Accused Parramatta Eels star assault in court.
Missing Nowra man (vo).
Road tragedy court case- Penrith.
BAFTA (vo).


SA Jockey reckless riding (vo).
London rare book theft (vo).
Trump newspaper gaffe (vo).
Parramatta Stadium demolition.


Dragons at Shell Cove School including pre season report.
Raiders skipper sidelined.
Premier League (vo).
PGA tour- Pebble Beach (vo).
Illawarra Hawks in NBL finals.
Illawarra Cutters lose.


Finance and local weather

Bushfire emergency with cross to Gabby Boyle
Xie Life sentence
Accused Parramatta Eels star assault in court.
CBD car explosion.
Yennora- mystery body found- Live cross.
Council mergers cabinet meeting (vo)
Dodgy Sydney dentist.
Federal politics- One Nation preference deal.
Conman extradited (vo)
Grammy Awards.
Weather cross.


Road tragedy court case- Penrith.
Hamburg airport security scare (vo).
Cross to Cam for rugby league pre season report and look ahead to sport.


Parramatta Stadium demolition.
SA jockey reckless riding (vo)
Alan Jones announces return to air date.
BAFTA Awards (vo).


West Tigers Fab Four.
Cronulla Sharks in London.
Dragons Charity Shield with vision of team at Shell Cove School.
Winx wins with cross to Breen.
Super Rugby (vo).
Cricket tour of India (vo).
PGA tour- Pebble Beach (vo).


Top stories.
Carbon monoxide poisoning close call in south west Sydney.
Sydney Metro tunnel- first track laid (vo).
London rare book theft (vo).
Trump newspaper gaffe (vo).
China drone show (vo).

Discounted travel to China and USA (vo).
Finance and weather.


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After reading that list, I don’t know why everyone is complaining, its got its fair share of local stories throughout the bulletin. Yes it might not be the same standard as 9 News Sydney but its a massive improvement on what they were getting with the noodle updates. Even Adelaide will get some stories from Sydney in the 3rd blocks.


The reason for complaint tonight, is because the Canberra and Illawarra bulletins were supposedly identical to each other rather than featuring stories individual to each market, which is unexpected for a mostly “local news” bulletin.


It’s a disappointment because it’s been promoted as 9News Canberra & 9News Illawarra; two different bulletins (not completely different, but different) yet today it seems only the sport segment was localised.

I have to agree with the earlier questions about how many dry runs did Nine actually do, if any?

If the structure of today’s bulletin is indicative of the future, this is going to be a complete disaster once the other areas come on-board, and there’s no excuse for getting so many of the other simple things wrong:
The lack of headlines, the stupid 9News transition right after the region-specific opener, the static backgrounds throughout; as someone pointed out last week TCN9 already have story-specific backgrounds for most of the stories (for 9News Sydney) so creating a few for the Sthn NSW/ACT stories isn’t a massive amount of work.

Hopefully today was a compromise due to problems (such as time/resources required to really do this within deadlines, because of their lack of proper rehearsals), and tomorrow will be better, but given most of the other things haven’t been fixed (any, except for the chair?), I’m not holding my breath.

Nine need to fix the problems immediately. (I want this project to be a success, but it’s off to a very bumpy start.)


But then in that list that @NewsWeary posted, there’s more Illawarra stories than Canberra stories.

I’d be surprised if it was the same story list in Canberra.


I stand corrected. I now have my doubts about this lasting more than three months.


There may have been a local window in the first segment but i couldn’t pick where it was. It was obvious, on a second close viewing, there was a break for local sport stories in that block. It’ll be interesting to see a list of stories that went to air in Canberra. I really hope there was a hiccup and some of those Canberra stories weren’t meant to appear in the Illawarra bulletin.


It was almost identical. Only three differences to the list posted by @NewsWeary - I’ve marked them in bold

NSW Bushfires
Lin family murders
Preference deals
Ram raid at Albion Park
Illawarra council mergers
Mpowerdome closure (parking stouche)
Shark sighting in Minnamurra river
Winx win (with cross to Randwick)
Grammy awards
Man sentenced for child pornography offences
ANZAC test match
ACT baby burn victim


Alleged hammer attack in Illawarra
Evacuations near California Dam
Sydney dentist registration cancelled
Peter Foster extradited
Airport evacuation in Hamburg
Alan Jones announces return

(Break - footage of Alan Jones used over v/o referring to story on the BAFTAs)

Radradra faces court
Missing man in south Nowra
Driver faces court after Blue Mtns car crash
BAFTA awards


Josh Cartwright banned from racing
Book theft in London
Dominican Republican (sic) newspaper apologies for gaffe
Paramatta stadium demolished


Dragons school visit
Croker injury in all stars match
Premier league
PGA tour
Canberra Capitals win match
4 Canberra United members make Matilda squad


(Finance and weather)


I’m sure SCA would be having a quiet word with Nine about the quality of their bulletins if they saw any issues.

I would be extremely surprised if it doesn’t improve over the coming months. By the time the Central West and South West bulletins are on air, hopefully they will have more resources in place in Sydney to improve the quality.


Coming from the people that produce the quality ‘Local News Headlines’ I doubt it personally…

I do agree here.


When the other SNSW bulletins are on-air, it is impossible to think that they’d also include stories about a house fire in Cootamundra or a new petrol station for Narromine broadcasting across the Canberra and Wollongong sub-markets. Now they wouldn’t dare do this, or would they??


Well, they ARE paying Nine ALOT more money than they were paying Ten, and were only doing the “noodle” updates on the cheap to satisfy the ACMA.

They have comparatively speaking gone from getting a cheap ride in a Torana (Ten-rana?) to hiring a chauffeur in a Caprice, so you would expect better.


Was I the only one who found it weird that she gave a “Special welcome” to the Illawarra viewers even though this new bulletin is only shown in that region anyway so why would they get a special welcome when they’re the only viewers?


I’m guessing because the intro was probably also seen in Canberra?