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And from posts I remember from before Nine’s news went for the whole hour - using stories from GTV to pad out the bulletin when there wasn’t enough to use from TCN.


Weather Plasma looks a lot better now - guess they improved the picture settings?


WIN has nothing to worry about. Nine’s ratings will nosedive because this is so poorly done. It isn’t local news. Its a NSW/ACT state and territory bulletin with too many stories that have no relevance to people living hundreds of kilometres away. I shudder to think how bad this will get as other areas are added. I can’t believe how ill-conceived it is. I give it six months.


I recon a “Media Spy Consultancy” company could have done abetter job with this (and with a lot of other things on Australian TV). How long have these bulletins been in the planning stage for? Didn’t anyone put together any key criteria like “must have local headlines”? It’s very hard to see why there is an aversion to Sydney stories in the Illawarra edition, they’ve been getting news from TCN for how long?


As far as I can tell there is no" Illawarra edition". It’s a one size fits all regional bulletin for all of the NSW/ACT SC Nine viewing area.


You’d have thought they’d have been doing dry runs over the last few months. But from what I’m reading it would seem that none of that has happened. Surprised that Nine isn’t better than this.


Including the NNSW market currently covered by NBN? That would be impossible.



I could probably do a list of stories from the Canberra bulletin if anyone wants to do the same/compare to Illawarra.

You said it yourself - it was a major story for NSW and indeed nationally. It led the bulletin in Canberra and so it should have.

Exactly. But then, some of us mentioned the irrelevance of suburban Sydney news to Canberra viewers last week and were shouted down by those who know better :wink:


I should clarify, covering all regions that will be provided with the bulletin.


Maybe they hit technical issues tonight which if why there were no local windows?


I’m currently compiling a list of the stories in the “Illawarra bulletin” and the Sydney bulletin.


If there aren’t genuine local windows - the lack of headlines and awkward crosses make even less sense.


Montage is ready


It looks like Gavin is on the Green Screen now? (judging by the still shots) Better than that old plasma.

ps Why is Gavin’s video jumpy? Looks like dropped frames or low frame rate?


Geez that Sydney accent is a bit annoying how Vanessa says “New South Wells”… it’s almost like they are embarrassed to pronounce “WALES” properly because it might sound a bit “bogan”


And couldn’t she name the suburb the RSL is in? “South of Wollongong” could probably refer to more than half the target Illawarra region. Did this exact update also air in Canberra?


Mega Montage:


It is really surprising to see Nine cock this up so badly.

And talking to friends in Canberra over the weekend it’s clear that (for once!) the sentiments being thrown around here are exactly what normal people at home are thinking.


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