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I fail to understand how news from a city 2.5 hours away from Wollongong is more important than news from Sydney which is a 40 minute drive.
I will however say the quality of reporting from local presenters is much more superior than that of WIN News.



Nice cameo from the rival regional network’s van in that story! :wink:


I can see why they showed it but running the same version as in Canberra is as wrong as last week running the Sydney version of Sydney stories.
What we saw here in Canberra emphasised the Raiders, etc. and the reporter & editor really should’ve made another shorter version with different wording to be shown outside Canberra.


Illawarra Attack read :frowning:

If 9News don’t correct these issues I shudder to think what we’ll see next week & the week after that (no disrespect to other areas but I don’t live there & so don’t care about minor local things going on there).



Sydney radio story :confounded:
I don’t care about Alan Jones returning or not… at least it’s 18:28 so the important/real news is over.


Wow that’s bad. I don’t think Alan Jones is even heard on Canberra or Illawarra radio!


His hourly highlights program is aired at 11am-12pm weekdays on 2CC, 2GN & 2XL, all 3 of them heard across parts of the Canberra viewing area.


Looks like they have forgotten to publish the Nine News Illawarra Facebook page. The link goes to nothing.


Vanessa reading the sport, and they still didn’t change the background (but then she’d have to move to the right of screen… it’s all so hard for them!)

OK… apparently the new Parra stadium wasn’t a sport story???
But at least Mike is reading (the rest of) sport tonight.




Nine seems unusually content in letting these bulletins have such major teething issues during their first few weeks. Certainly not going to win over viewers…


Yeah well I guess if they can’t even sort out the issues in their existing bulletins, the new regional ones are way down their priority list.


Weather shot


If both Canberra and Illawarra are taking stories from each other, maybe Nine never actually planned on having local windows? Maybe the whole point was that there would be ONE bulletin which covers stories from all around the state?


I’m pretty sure that Canberra & the Illawarra will be sharing the weather at least, because we saw forecasts for the Illawarra/South Coast (including a look at the 7 Day Forecasts for Wollongong and Batemans Bay) during Nine News Canberra last week.




Vanessa looks out of her depth in all those caps, more newsreading/training required IMO. In a YouTube video I saw the other day, she was rushing.

Also, forgive me for bringing back the issue of ‘local stories’ vs. ‘recycled from Sydney’… And I realise it was a major story for NSW, but what exactly does the bushfire emergency have to do with the Illawarre per sé? In fact didn’t that region have the lowest bushfire warnings over the weekend?

From the sounds of things here (trying not to be negative already), but expect poor ratings in the Wollongong sub-market for Nine News Illawarra tomorrow :confused:


The bushfire issue is MAJOR national news.
12 homes lost, we also got good coverage of similar bushfires from WA last year.

NBN are guilty of the same thing in using “out of area” local news - they have been airing Newcastle news on the Gold Coast almost every night since 1992.