Nine News Regional


Argh! The lack of opening headlines annoys me so much!

At least there was some acknowledgement of the new bulletin.


Yeah what’s with the no headlines?


Where have you been the last week? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Just used a Illawarra report on the Canberra bulletin.


I forgot to comment on it with regards to Canberra lol. I would have thought that, perhaps, maybe they would have added them for the Illawarra bulletin. Maybe it’s just too difficult for Nine to do headlines for different regions?


18:09 and Vanessa read the Illawarra council mergers bit on 9News Canberra, then a Canberra story.



Teething problems I would say


How can it be so hard to pre-record openers for each region? WIN seems to handle a full 30-minute bulletin for each region.


They’re possibly using them to replace all those Sydney filler stories from last week. Another Illawarra story is now.

Also live cross to Neil Breen about champion horse Winx at Randwick.


Ridiculous to have local government issues in an area hundreds of kilometres away airing in a “local” bulletin. This is amateur hour. I didn’t expect much but this really is a pathetic attempt from Nine.


I wouldn’t go that far; council amalgamations have been a big issue for NSW state politics (so may be of some interest to NSW viewers in the broadcast area), so definitely not as irrelevant as a local Sydney story.


Oh agreed. They just appear to have no idea what they’re doing


Live cross


I was looking at some playout software for something unrelated and I’ve found, all you need is a good Video card and a good CPU.



What downgrade for Illawarra viewers. I’ve counted more stories from the ACT than from Wollongong.



That doesn’t sound good at all


I take it Illawarra got the ANZAC test story?