Nine News Regional


You’re joking, right? I’m sure viewers will get over it and move on.


Off topic however Territory Local News is back. The new presenter is questionable lol.


What is that? Does it go to air in Darwin?


It’s more of a Facebook thing as they believe NT needs more “locally produced news”… Kyrrie Blenkinsop used to do it when Nine first changed, now it’s some random chick.


Nine in Southern NSW/ACT has relayed the Sydney bulletin tonight due to the Christchurch terrorist attacks before going back to local bulletins at around 6:14pm in time for its first ad break.


Goes to show how amateur the regional team is when they have to rely on the big brother to deliver news they should be able to deliver in the same manner (- flashy sets ofc).


Will be interesting to see what happens in QLD tonight.

Just now during the end of Hot Seat, SCA aired a “” promo tonight in place of the news preview, which is very unusual.


QLD bulletin airing as normal


A change of background would have been appropriate.


It’s an absolute joke, isn’t it? For all their faults (and there are more than a few), NBN News absolutely has the right philosophy by not seeing coverage of major stories like the terror attacks in Christchurch as being too big to present themselves.

Mind you, Nine News Sydney shouldn’t be let completely off the hook. Now don’t get me wrong, there’s not doubt that Deborah Knight would’ve done a good job at covering today’s events in New Zealand. But at the same time, surely I can’t be the only one who’s thinking how much better it would’ve been if TCN had Peter Overton presenting tonight’s bulletin (even if it was say, Pete & Deb together) and/or additional coverage?


victoria bullentin aired as normal


I wonder who makes the call in Nine/TCN/Southern Cross as to when the Regional NSW defers to its Sydney counterpart.

Clearly whoever is in control in Queensland and Victoria has more faith in their product.


This happened last night. The bulletin has been running for two years and they can’t get the name of the third largest city in NSW and largest regional SCA news market correct.


Nor pronunciations of Wolongong suburbs.


And this is why they’re not able to handle news bigger than a council meeting.


Even the council meeting might be a stretch. :rofl: