Nine News Regional


That happens on NBN News too, whereby Newcastle weather typically dominates the, which will probably irk northern viewers.


About time Darwin gets a mention lol


It’s so dodgy. At least for NNSW viewers the locations mentioned aren’t too far away.

Here I am in NQ hearing detailed weather for a city that’s not even in the state!


To me, it seems obvious that there needs to be at least one localised Weather Preview during the Regional bulletins (including NBN).

From what I’ve seen, Nine News Sydney airs three Weather Previews (1st segment, pre-Sport which is possibly recorded and one in the final segment before Finance & Fuel + Weather) before the main forecast most nights!


9 news western victoria local window went for 6.40 minutes which included ballarat reaction to george pell


Zarisha Bradley from Mackay bulletin is now appearing on Darwin.


Good to hear that she has been redeployed elsewhere within Nine, she seemed to be a really good reporter


Facebook wide issue.


33 degrees here today.

During the intro to the weather preview.
Sam: “It’s really starting to feel like Autumn as temperatures dip right up the QLD coast, and Nicole are we seeing below average temperatures”.


Ironically, Vanessa said this during tonight’s intro to the weather report on Nine News Illawarra:

Vanessa O’Hanlon - “So Gav, looks like the start of summer is off to a scorcher”. :neutral_face:


Who writes these weather intros.

Tonight in QLD,
Paul: (something about rain and storms) “And Nicole where will we see the heaviest rain?”
Nicole: “Well we won’t see any heavy rain Paul”


Why are these bulletins such a mess after two years. How


Does anyone at the ABC’s Media Watch program have access to Nine News’ regional bulletins and if so, have they been monitored at all?

Because going by the observations in this thread alone (let alone those from average viewers), I’m sure you could make up an entire edition of Media Watch covering the problems with Nine News’ regional bulletins during a slow week! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

As an outsider it seems like the intros to the Weather Previews are primarily aimed at regional markets in the Southern half of Queensland (with a similar content philosophy applying to the overall content?), while the previews themselves are a bit more localised. Is that correct?

You’d think by now, they’d properly incorporate the Weather Previews into the local windows… :confused:

I’m guessing probably because the producers are lazy and/or have lifestyles so centred around that metropolitan/South East Queensland bubble they don’t quite understand what viewers up North want from their “local” news bulletins.

Mind you, the situation is probably even worse here in NSW with TCN notorious for their “Sydney-fication” of news coverage for regional (particularly Northern NSW/NBN-land) areas of the state and primary school-level fails in geography for said areas…but let’s not get started on that one again!


I definitely agree that the intros are aimed at Southern QLD, but the previews themselves are also very centric on Southern QLD as well as Darwin, there’s nearly always a specific mention of “the Top End” on every weather preview, which comes across as very weird from a local viewer perspective.

Agreed, the local windows should end with a 30-second localised weather preview instead of the rushed and weirdly placed average fuel price check.

I don’t necessarily agree about that for the overall bulletin though. I find that it seems as though the bulletin is more focused on different areas each night. Some nights can come across very SQ centric, but others can be quite NQ centric as well. Some nights there’s heaps from around the Wide Bay and Sunshine Coast, others there’s heaps from around Cairns and Townsville. The Rockhampton region never seems to get too much coverage IMO.

Tonight for example was definitely quite NQ focused.
After the local window, the next 3 stories were all based in the Townsville viewing area as well, one of which was breaking news which was revisited again later in the bulletin.


I’m sure they would be monitoring all news services to some extent but with only 15 minutes of airtime each week they’ve probably got bigger fish to fry with the limited time they’ve got.


When I mentioned to them about issues with TDT9’s updates last year they didn’t have access to them so I tipped them off and then provided the footage, people can do that if they like and it could go through.


Some technical issues tonight on 9 News Regional. Story stalled at start of bulletin, apology at 6:19pm.


Good to see they made an apology. Win news would not have acknowledge it and treat the viewers with no respect


Bit hard when you’re not live.


What about the following day?