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Cranky making the case for a Channel 31 Mackay.


Well, maybe I am, maybe I’m not.

The fact is, successive governments could have, and maybe should have, introduced more television stations, or at the very least, put in very rigorous content rules. They are f##king lucky this hasn’t been the case.

If a smart person within the halls of power saw how much money they could be making from the spectrum, and the wastes of space commercial television has become, they’re f##ked six ways from Sunday.

Cutting local news bulletins should be seen as a strike against them. Personally, I reckon 7, 9 and 10, and WIN, SCA and Prime should have had their licenses revoked already based solely on the shit show people see in Newcastle (I’m not ruling out NBN moving its news production to Sydney). Yes, I’m pulling in the metros too as they’re equally as responsible.

Aggregation was meant to see competition in local content - not the same shit pumped out of Sydney with f##k all variation or consideration for what the local market wants and needs.


I find the cutbacks a little odd as it’s Nine that funds and produces the bulletins, not Southern Cross. And Southern Cross pays 50% of its revenue in return for having bulletins produced for each market.

So does this mean that the 50% rate is under review, or a different rate applies for markets without local news bulletins?


Aggregation was about choice, I don’t think there’s EVER been any suggestion that all regional TV stations would pump out the same amount of local news and programs that NBN used to back in the 1980s. Terrestrial TV is much different now in the Netflix era.


Agree it was mostly about choice.

The regionals were ambitious that they could keep doing local content but that was short lived.


That’s all we get in the metro markets, are we complaining? It might be nice to see a locally produced program every now and then, but that’s just how TV has to be when competing against online services.


I don’t think individual bulletins were ever guaranteed. Quote from joint NEC/SCA ASX release back in 2016:

The agreement provides for a substantial expansion of news services broadcast by SCA. Nine’s market leading News bulletins featuring international, national and locally produced news will be broadcast to regional markets across Queensland, Southern NSW and Victoria.


It’d be interesting to see exactly what’s in the contract re provision of local bulletins.

Whilst every region has had a local bulletin up till now, what will there be to stop Nine from cutting further bulletins?

My guess is that it’s linked to ratings, which doesn’t give Nine much incentive to lift the quality of them.


I can’t work out how Southern Cross will be able to meet the local content requirements for Darling Downs without any local news. From what has been posted so far, they will have even less news now than before the Nine-produced bulletins when they at least provided ‘noodle’ updates.


Am guessing they will go back to noodle updates in Toowoomba.

Will be interesting to see who does them (Nine? Or SCA out of Canberra again?).


Probably Hobart now instead of Canberra if SCA does them.


on monday iam going to time the local window for 9 western victoria to see if they cut back on stories like i think they did on friday night


just a general question.
How long ago wnen did Channle 9 News 1st broadcasting
Canberra verison of local news in canberra?


2 years, 2 weeks ago. The bulletin was first launched on Monday 6th February 2017.


Amazed to hear this happening.

How is this possibly going to work? Unlike some other areas, the QLD bulletin generally does a really good job at keeping the local windows, very local.
If the ratings in Mackay are bad, and that’s the reason for the cull, they’ll allienate whatever viewers they have left if they show a bunch of Townsville or Rockhampton stories during the local windows. Truly bizarre!

It can’t be forgotten that the Mackay broadcast region also covers the Whitsundays. Given that staff are being removed from the area, Nine will no longer have anyone available for a live cross in future should something happen in the Whitsundays like previously with the Cid Harbour shark attacks.


No noticeable difference to the local news updates on NQ.

Unfortunately, I am no longer able to access the Mackay feed, so unsure what would be going to air there tonight.


So Mackay is receiving some kind of new mystery production that Nine hasn’t said boo about, but Toowoomba/Darling Downs is now receiving the metro Brisbane/SEQ bulletin, correct?

Also why wouldn’t they inform viewers of the changes at the end of each area’s respective local bulletin? Pre-record it as part of a local closer played out only in their local region. Even advertising the change on their Facebook pages would be kinder than nothing at all.

And before we leave you tonight we would like to say a brief farewell to our viewers in Toowoomba and the Darling Downs, from next Monday you will be receiving your weeknight news in our South East Queensland bulletin presented by Andrew and Melissa. On behalf of the Nine News Regional team thank your for choosing us as your nightly news bulletin, goodnight.

And before we leave you tonight we would like to say a brief farewell to our viewers in Mackay and the Whitsundays, from next Monday you will be receiving [describe mystery product that we know nothing about]. On behalf of the Nine News Regional team thank your for choosing us as your nightly news bulletin, goodnight.


It’s never been in a networks best interest to say that a program is being axed and being replaced with something that EVERYONE (including the network) knows is inferior.

There’s no sugar coating this one.


Nine/SCA didn’t even properly transition viewers to the regional bulletins when they started (even though IMO, they really should’ve), so why are we all shocked they didn’t farewell viewers from the axed services?


9 news western victoria still has the 5 min local window