Nine News Regional


I wouldn’t be surprised if it was Southern NSW next


I’ve heard the Victorian bulletins are safe given Nine dominates outside of news anyway.


I could see Nine/SCA deciding to merge the ACT and Riverina bulletins, while also deciding to discontinue producing the Illawarra bulletin.


In regards to Nine/SCA merging the Canberra/Riverina bulletins, that would give the ABC & WIN a free kick in the local news battle in Canberra, likewise for Prime7 & WIN in the Riverina.

In the worst case scenario, as well as merging the Canberra & Riverina bulletins, I could also see them merge with the Central West bulletin.


sometimes 9 but more so 7


I’m already wondering if the Illawarra newsroom has been downgraded given the local window tonight was populated mostly with stories from Canberra and the Riverina (ACT courts ruling on workplace death, Riverina car crash, Wagga murder sentencing).

The only local news report utilising a Wollongong based reporter (Brittany Hughes) was on a music festival. Vanessa did a couple of brief VO reports (Batemans Bay aquatic centre funding and Kangaroo Valley show cheese tasting record attempt). The only local sport story (Illawarra Hawks) was covered by the Sydney based sport presenter. The big local stories of the day (Grimmer case and dark web drug arrest) were covered at the top off the bulletin by Nine’s Sydney reporters because they featured in the Sydney bulletin. The drug arrest story didn’t even mention where on the South Coast the bust was made.

Makes you wonder why Nine is bothering if that’s the extent of their “local” Illawarra news. They may as well air noodle updates and return Overton to Illawarra screens.


That they really have not a lot of competition because Local regional news in Victoria with Win news is crap as well.


now u got me thinking i think the local windows for the local news here in victoria has been shortned


No downgrade, all the Illawarra journalists and camera ops were at Natassia’s wedding today.


WTF. You mean that’s why Nine and SCA did not deliver local news today to their Illawarra audience?

Surely they do not have such a poor attitude to the audience of their news product?


To me it sounds like Nine needs to hire more reporters/crew for their Illawarra news service (although realistically, I’m sure they won’t) if they’re having shortages on a day one is having a wedding! :confused:


Not the beginning of the end as such, but perhaps the end of locality specific bulletins in favour of the hybrid version Mackay are getting.


Surely the second best solution would be to merge Mackay with another bulletin like Wide Bay or Rockhampton and Toowoomba with Sunshine Coast? This is bad news all round.


Who said they didn’t deliver local news to the Illawarra?
Several local stories still featured, either as an RVO or using TCN reporters.


If that is good enough then they can save their money by doing that every night…


with the hybrid do you mean having the metro bullitnines but inserting the local stories in? ie like they do here with the 9news melbourne at 4pm


Comparing the RegionalTAM universe estimates for 2018 & 2019, I might be able to understand why Nine wanted to make cutbacks in Mackay (aside from Seven most likely dominating the local news market): The number of households in Queensland’s smallest regional sub-markets dropped by 100 while the number of individuals has dropped by 500.

However, I think the axing of the Toowoomba/Darling Downs service might be entirely ratings related. Although the number of households in that market dropped by 100, the number of individuals increased by 1,800 on the universe estimates for 2018.

If I was to make a guess as to which market might be the next in danger of losing a Nine News regional service at some point in the future, I’d have to say Rockhampton/Central Queensland with there being a fall in total individuals by 500 between the 2018 & 2019 Universe Estimates up there.

The bulletins just about everywhere else in Queensland, Northern NSW, Southern NSW/ACT & Victoria should be safe for now with most sub-markets experiencing growth. As much as I’m sure some viewers from that region on this forum would really like weeknight editions of Nine News Sydney back on their screens, unless viewer ratings drop alarmingly it seems unlikely that the Illawarra bulletin will be cut anytime soon because “Wollongong” (as the designated name for the market by RegionalTAM is) is growing, so too Canberra and all the Victorian markets.

Of course I can’t finish without mentioning by far the biggest/largest growing market in regional Australia: Northern NSW with currently a pinch over 2.2 million residents, up considerably on the approximately 1.85 million figure of sixteen years ago (2003 being the earliest of the RegionalTAM Universe Estimates on their website). While I’m aware of the various factors which make it a unique market such as intense parochialism in Newcastle + overlap with QTQ/TCN in the Northern & Southern fringes of the licence area respectively, I still wonder how Nine have been able to resist the temptation to rebrand NBN News to Nine News for a consistent brand at 6pm right up and down the East Coast.


if they did cut 9 news here in victoria it would probably be the 9 news boarder north east if iam reading the unviverse estimatesf for 2019 right


Slack bastards.

If there were any justice, Nine and SCA would be made to service every friggin’ market, and if they cut even one, threaten them with the revocation of their license.

Every TV network should have that hanging over their heads. We don’t need them, we need the spectrum they pay a pittance for. If they’re not going to do anything even remotely local, well f##k them. Cut 'em off, lease the spectrum to the NBN.


Either that or just combine regional stories into a single bulletin like they sometimes do across the summer.