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Local News and Sports windows is bigger for Darwin tonight.


I presume the same was true for all of the RQLD markets too. I assume it’s technically possible for Darwin to opt out of certain content shown to RQLD, but this may be too much of a logistical nightmare.


what i wouldnt mind seeing but know 9 dont really care is from 6 pm till 6.30 pm is 9 regional news then 6.30pm to 7pm nine news ( would have to be an edited version ) just like they do with the prime7 news regions


Sunday Mail today


I don’t generally make it habit to comment on presenters appearances, but Sam is stunning.


Supers not loading correctly during the local window tonight.

The white box on the right that surrounds the Nine news watermark has been displaying correctly, but the bar that extends left with text has not been appearing.

EDIT: Not affecting the live section of the bulletin, was only present during the local window.


Sorry for the quick TV photo, but had to capture this “devstating” spelling mistake


Sam clearly wasn’t impressed with it either.


That is truly Unexceptable :joy:


Here is last night’s North Queensland bulletin in full for those interested


As noted in the Nine News area.

This would be Southern Cross doing the axing presumably.


Quite sad to hear that Nine has axed two of their regional bulletins, particularly the Mackay edition because that (again) leaves the market with only Seven providing a local news service on TV.

Don’t know much about the Toowoomba/Darling Downs market, but I wonder if that one has been axed due to Nine rating third behind Seven & WIN?


Southern Cross are still required to provide content of local significance in those 2 markets (as opposed to Wide Bay and Sunshine Coast) so seems a strange choice. The advertising dollars must have been really bad.

Will we see the return of noodle updates?


two bulletins have been axed.

Nine News Regional
Nine News Content and Appearance

The beginning of the end of Nine News Regional???


Didn’t expect to see that coming.

From Monday February 18 the Mackay audience will receive a hybrid regional bulletin featuring local weather, state and local news. Toowoomba viewers will now receive Nine’s South East Queensland bulletin.

This confuses me. What exactly is Mackay getting then? The normal regional bulletin but with a reduced amount of local stories? And Toowoomba will receive no local weather/news inserts at all and just take the Brisbane bulletin?


Mackay would be sharing with Central Queensland or Townsville during local windows. The Darling Downs is already given.


This was part of the operational review I referred to in the SCA Regional radio thread the other day.


It shouldn’t be, it just isn’t viable to run the Mackay and Darling Downs newsrooms because of the areas low population.


While the licence conditions state a minimum service offering, there’s no incentive to produce over that - doesn’t appear to be a difficult decision really