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like I said they likely aren’t made aware


Sam Squiers is presenting sport tonight for NSW/ACT.


Tonight’s Illawarra bulletin started off without headlines:


Oh dear, it’s a revisit of the launch days!

Could they bring back the launch backdrops too? :wink::joy:


9 News Regional has redone there weather segment for Victoria. Central Vic Now splitting Mallee and Northern Country but all up the focus certainly moving east before they covered a number of towns in the Wimmera (Western Victoria) now they have gone far into Border North East territory and covering as far east as Yarrawonga9%20news%2029%20News%2039%20News%2059%20News%206


Let hope we hear more stuff about Bendigo which is just over an hour from Shepparton than hearing what happening to stuff in Albury/ Wondonga which is 2 hours away.


Given the flooding in Townsville tonight, I decided to watch 9 News Brisbane on 9Now tonight to see how the news was being covered on the metro bulletin.

While i’m a viewer of 9 News NQ, after watching both the local and metro bulletins tonight, I really wish they’d just gone ahead and aired the metro bulletin here in Townsville. The metro bulletin had far better coverage of what was happening here than our own bulletin did!


Let me guess: None of the Nine News Regional presenters are on location even though Melissa Downes has been covering the floods up North for SEQ viewers at least the last two nights?!

Although I’m not overly surprised remembering the past form of Nine News’ regional bulletins when it comes to major news events in their viewing area (such as Peter Overton travelling to Tathra for the bushfires & Canberra for the spill, while Vanessa O’Hanlon was nowhere to be seen), that’s extremely poor IMO.

If the major local papers (which up in North Queensland, aren’t Nine/ex-Fairfax unlike the most notable print publications which cover Tathra & Canberra) aren’t running “Melissa up North, but where was our local Nine Newsreader?” type stories/editorials, I’ll be extremely disappointed in them.


Here are the idents used on 104.1 Territory FM for Nine News Darwin promotion.

The one that stood out was the last ident that mentions “From the Darwin studios of Channel 9” even though they are under the regional format.


At the moment Sam Heathwood is on her christmas holidays as she basically presented the Queensland bulletin for almost 4 weeks straight.


Territory FM probably produced their “Nine News simulcast” stings a while ago when Nine News Darwin was still produced locally and simply haven’t bothered to update them? :confused:


Yes, however they still check in with Nine News during the day to find out what the headlines are for the Territory which is good.

NTD provides TFM with a blank feed of the bulletin so they can slot their own ads in without going under or overtime.


Correct. As well, the metro bulletin had more live crosses to 9 News reporters who were in various Townsville suburbs, that weren’t seen on the local bulletin. The local bulletin had a cross to one of the local reporters, but the location named at the top was simply “Townsville”, not particularly helpful to locals watching flooding behind him. Meanwhile, the metro bulletin had multiple people and they actually used the suburb names, the live crosses had “Hermit Park”, “Heatley” at the top. Garry Youngberry presented a some detailed weather info for this area from the Weather Wall.

The first 10-15 minutes of the metro bulletin was as if it was a proper live local bulletin… but it wasn’t even shown here!

By comparison, the regional bulletin did have some good reports on the flood, don’t get me wrong, but it didn’t have that same sense of urgency. Sophie Ryan presented a weather update, and while Townsville was mentioned, it was more focussed on what was happening throughout the rest of QLD and into the NT. Once the local window started we had one extra story on the flooding, then random fluff pieces that seemed as though they were there to pad out the rest of the local window, then the flooding situation here wasn’t mentioned again, while meanwhile the metro bulletin was still here live.

Watching both bulletins, the difference was really clear…


That is the of double headers- the bulletin is still in capable and familar hands while the other is on location.

So are you saying that if she wasn’t, Sam would be on location and co-anchor the regional bulletin from Townsville? I doubt it.


Whilst I agree with everything you say - you have to remember the budget and resources and talents of people working own the two bulletins are worlds apart.

I would say the Brisbane bulletin has a budget double to trip that of the QLD one.

The resources similar - and talent of EPs and producers the same.

Yes, would be great if when major news happens they can go all out. But they have allocated budgets, resources and levels of talent.

The ad revenue that the Brisbane bulletin brings in (100% income kept) v the QLD bulletin shared with SCA 50%) means Nine are ALWAYS going to allocate the money, staff and resources to the Brisbane bulletin - even when the news is “local” tp Townsville not Brissy


It is a shame that for one night the Townsville station couldn’t opt out of local news and get QTQ instead.


Or even just take the Brisbane report for the floods. The NSW bulletin in the past has gone live to the Sydney bulletin for the first item in the past for significant stories - and while it’s not an ideal solution and was bagged out here at the time, it did mean that viewers got the very best information available at the time.