Nine News Regional


Same in canberra. Can it stay this way?


Would love it if Nine one day decided to stop producing the regional bulletins. I know it will never happen, but it’s a nice thought!


A nice thought that a hundred or so people would be left without a job?


Yeah, that’s the only negative aspect about it.


And that over a million viewers will have less local news.



It still baffles me that Nine thinks it is a worthwhile exercise to duplicate the city bulletin with the inclusion of eight to ten minutes of local content. Surely there is a better way to meet their local content obligations?


All they need to do is coordinate with the SYD bulletin producers to lock in a local window each night and get Pete to pre-record a “and here’s the local news for where you are” before cutting to Vanessa looking like a stunned mullet.


Please tell me that at the very least, Nine News Sydney is mentioning on-air the situation which is resulting in their bulletin airing in Southern NSW/ACT tonight!


No they haven’t mentioned anything about that at all.


That’s shocking. Surely TCN would’ve been made aware of the major technical problems with the Southern NSW/ACT bulletins, especially when those are also produced (albeit in a different studio) at Willoughby?!

Peter Overton would almost certainly be told give a shout out to viewers watching via GTV if the Sydney bulletin had to air in Melbourne (probably a same deal with QTQ at the right time of year), so surely it wouldn’t be that much of an ask for Southern NSW/ACT bulletins to receive a similar message? Every viewer deserves to be treated as if they’re important, Nine!


I guess the difference is that GTV and TCN are co owned and operated, CTC (Nine Southern NSW) isn’t.

CTC could / should have run their own ticker message to advise viewers of the issue.

It seems to me that neither Nine or Southern Cross REALLY cares about the Nine News regionals, as Nine are paying 100% of the costs of the bulletin but get only 50% of Southern Cross’s revenue. And similarly SC only gets the other half.

From the outside looking in, it’s an arrangement that doesn’t seem to be working, and this seems to reflected in the ratings, where I believe Nine regionals is running 3rd in a number of markets.


they could do what win does and do a 30 min local bulletin and then do a 30 min metro


…except WIN actually airs a 60 minute metro bulletin followed by their “local” (well, that’s probably how it feels to everyone outside Wollongong anyway) news services running for 30 minutes.

Maybe you’re referring to what Seven Network affiliates do in regions where they have local news.

Either way, it’s very hard to comment about how well or otherwise Nine’s bulletins are going when we’ve seen so little ratings data (and are unlikely to in the foreseeable future, unless someone gets an OzTAM-like deal with RegionalTAM) for regional Australia compared to our daily servings of numbers from metropolitan markets.


At least, They get an apology of no news. Win News would not even acknoledge that they stuffed up


And that they got a news bulletin at all… NBN has in the past aired a black screen when they couldn’t get their bulletin to air rather than show Nine News Sydney.


In the past TCN has taken GTV and vice versa and neither bulletin ever “apologises” to the other market… so this situation is no different. I highly doubt the other studio even knew at the time considering they were prepping for their own live bulletin.


and win does include non local news in there news i have watched win news on occasion and sometimes they include stories from all over victoria to make up there 30 mins lol


Nah that’s incorrect. They will acknowledge each other if they’re made aware.


It’s a full Nine production, so they should really have done a shout-out/apology to regional viewers regardless.

I guess SCA could’ve possibly done some sort of ticker or Classifieds-esque breaker to make viewers aware before the metro bulletin starts.