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Nicole Rowles and Paul Murphy presented in Queensland/Darwin tonight with Sophie Ryan on weather.

Brisbane reporter Adam Jackson presented sport (the first time Paul Murphy hasn’t presented since he started, as far as I know).


I do tend to agree with that.

Though I guess the Chris Mitchell report has a more local angle to it and being a more familiar face to Border North East viewers.

The same happens here in Northern NSW with NBN and Nine both covering the same item with their own reporters.


This happens on Nine News Sydney (particularly with reports from Northern NSW) all the time, so it’s somewhat reassuring to hear that “metro-fication” of regional news is also happening South of the Border.


Some caps


I liked Paul in the anchor chair-much more than Adam Hegarty.

Paul Taylor was at a community event in Cairns, QLD. They crossed to him live at 6.20.


I’ll have to disagree, watching tonight the discussion in my house was around how dry Paul Murphy really is, he really struggles to banter


Good Question Sounds Different.

Give Nine News Regional Credit as the had a live cross where Win News Shepparton I know did not.

It is all due to location. The Hume fwy was closed from Wanagaratta to Barnawatha.

Chris Mitchell based out of Wondonga went the back roads up thru near beechworrth

Carrie- Anne Greenbank can get up the hume to Wangaratta and then get to Tarrawingee which is on the road to Beechworth.

Wondonga has only got 2 or 3 journalist while Shepparton has only one which covers the area of Seymour thru to Deniliquin and from Echuca to Rutherglen/Benalla. Can’t move here across a reporter from Shepparton.

Albury/ Wodonga has two or three that cover Benalla to Holbrook and up to Corryong.

I can sort of see why they got someone from Melbourne to help out at it was a 40km of road was closed due to flooding.


Border north east has 3 reporters and when it first started they has 2 camera operators then shortly after they had 3


So 2 in Wondonga and one in Shepparton then.


Sorry forgot about Shepparton so that makes it 3


I agree, but unfortunately the Goulburn Valley’s service area population is around 70,000 the same as the solus markets of Mildura, Griffith and the Riverland. SCA deems it as not big enough to warrant its own bulletin. The only reason WIN has its own Goulburn Valley news is because of its heritage. I’m surprised Prime7’s Border Local News isn’t beamed into the Goulburn Valley. Does SC Nine via the Mt Major transmitter beam Albury commercials? They did that when it was SC10 from the beginning in 1992 until the same time “Weeknights” started. Perhaps this was payback for aggregation being forced upon the Goulburn Valley when Southern Cross Broadcasting and ENT Limited (Vic TV) lobbied to prevent Shepparton from getting aggregation and keeping it as a solus market.


Good Question, I do not think it does beam Albury/Wondonga Commerical however because Southern Cross brand is big here in Shepparton with Triple M and Hit being popular in Shepparton to advertise on Radio.

However 70,000 is just for the Greater Shepparton Local Government area. I would out that Mt Major picture goes out to close 150,000 people in Moira,Greater Shepparton, Strathbogie, Murrindinni and half of the Mitchell Shire. This is all in Victoria, I can’t be bothered getting stats for the council from Moama to Deniliquin, Tocumwal, Jerilidire to Mulwala.


The real answer is that the don’t have to. Since aggregation, the Vic TV LAP deems Shepparton and Albury/Wodonga to be the same local area, so they can use the same local content for both towns.

Prime and SCA broadcast the exact same content to Shepparton from Mt Major and Albury/Wodonga from Mt Barranduda. It’s just WIN that have the area split in two, which as @TheHomeOfMusic says is because of the heritage of WIN (or its predecessor actually) being originally from Shepparton.


I was under the impression that Shepparton got the full hour of Seven News from Melbourne as per the rest of Victoria (excluding Albury Wodonga) ?? Am I wrong?


Actually, I think you’re right. SCA definitely have the same feed for both though.


I didn’t watch the closer for any banter. I just saw the first 20-25 minutes and thought he was a better newsreader than Adam. The latter I find is sensationalist.


Dougal Beatty is presenting in Victoria this week with Jo Hall now on holidays.


Monday -
Vanessa O’Hanlon is back anchoring SR.


Mike Lorigan will be presenting NSW/ACT bulletins tonight.


I’m surprised they’re not deferring to the metro bulletins over the week of Christmas. Kudos to Nine!