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Would you be able to do a montage some day this or next week?


I’ll do a montage of tomorrows Illawarra bulletin.


Caps of tonight’s Illawarra bulletin:


Nine News Illawarra Montage 28/11/2018:


I wish Nine would stop putting the Andrew & Melissa endboard on the end of videos they post on the regional pages. I keep seeing these all the time!



While I’m still here, we’re now only three nights away from the end of the 2018 ratings season so the question has to be asked. We all know how the capital city editions of Nine News have been rating during 2018 (OK in Sydney & Melbourne, poorly in the other three markets), but does anyone know how the regional editions have been faring during the first full year for local editions of Nine News in all markets? Are Nine News’ regional bulletins competitive in the ratings against the offerings of Seven/Prime7 and WIN?

Somewhat disappointing that there was a few drips and drops of coverage for regional TV news ratings last year, but so far this year nothing!


Probably due to the fact that this website doesn’t (AFAIK) have an agreement with Regional TAM to publish anything.


Paul Taylor anchoring QLD solo tonight


I think this started yesterday, 9 News Central Victoria is now showing 7 day forecast for Echuca. I am surprised it took them this long


Yeah, I guess so. But even getting a vague idea from press releases and articles from the local newspapers would be good!

Hopefully some stuff will come out over the next week or so.


Nine News North QLD from last night. Video jumps a little at times, wasn’t broadcast like that, just an issue with my recording.

This is the full segment through to the first ad break. As you can see bushfire coverage continued for the first 11 minutes of the bulletin.

Last segment of the bulletin after last ad break, including weather and closer.


Channel 9 Darwin runs on Darwin time, basically timeshifted from Sydney.


The discussion was on 9GEM in Central NT though, which is in fact broadcast live from Sydney. Meaning programming scheduled for 8:30pm does actually air at 7:00pm NT time in Central NT


about time and about time that the Goulburn Valley get there own broadcast instead of listen about what going on in Bendigo or Albury all the time. Nearly Nil Local sports coverage and lucky with one story about the GV based story. All about Albury /Wodonga


No presenter on the endboard of SNSW promos, as Vanessa is currently on holiday:


Samantha Heathwood presenting solo in QLD tonight


Monday -

Andrew Lund presented in Victoria tonight.


Watching tonight and a story was included in the local window which mentioned an incident that the reporter said happened “yesterday”.

Yet it would be well known by anyone watching that the story concerned was actually from Sunday, and the CCTV footage shown also clearly had “Sunday” written.

Possibly a story held over that couldn’t be included in yesterday’s window?


Did I really just hear Mike Lorigan refer to the NSW Police Counter Terrorism unit as “NSW Police Swat team” ? Who the hell is approving these scripts?


These are so poorly edited. The regional department editors need to step up their game. Heard a few horror stories about a couple editors at regional.