Nine News Regional


There’s really no other channel worth focussing on, I know.

ABC News ACT is the best regional bulletin I seen in recent years.


Plus, it’s the only Canberra TV news bulletin to be made in Canberra.


But is it really what a regional bulletin should be?

Yes, it’s well presented and looks good and those things shouldn’t be ignored, but in terms of regional content does it offer anything more than SCA Nine or WIN?

I have heard, and this could be wrong, that on many nights there’s very little local news it’s all national and international content. That can be a plus too because you can make content decision based on your audience and de-Sydneyfy the rundown.

But I don’t know that it can be held up as shining example of what regional news should be.


Well, it really is a composite capital city bulletin, as are ABC Tas and NT News. It is good that the ABC treats those three regional cities as the capitals that they are.


The new buzzword in Australian media…

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That does happen, though I prefer it to Nine (padded out with Sydney news) or Win (padded out with regional news or local news that’d be lucky to rate a mention in a school newsletter) because the ABC tends to go with stories of national or international importance


A thought on Sydney/Melbourne bulletins falling-back to their interstate counterpart: Perhaps a reason for doing so is if the issue which interrupted the bulletin is also impacting (or may also impact) the regional bulletin(s) being created in an adjacent studio (another downside to Nine creating all a state’s bulletins from the one location).
Obviously an instant judgement is required (perhaps before knowing the cause or extent of the problem), but I agree another bulletin from the same state should generally be preferred over an interstate one.


Canberra’s audience, given the city, is naturally interested in national and world news. You’ve also got a huge transient population from across Australia. However, it was a better bulletin when Virginia and Craig were the two anchors.

The grannies watch Win.


No argument with any of that… my earlier point was that ABC Canberra is not a best practice example of regional news… it’s not because it isn’t and that’s because of the reason you point out; the market isn’t really regional.


Check out this video. The plasma looks like it’s chroma key. Is this right?


…The plasma is a plasma. The two shots however were spliced together for some reason.


Actually, it looks like either the plasma wasn’t there or something else happened because there was a key/matte to it. Check the corners of the “screen” during the zoom shot to Jono.


It is a strange zoom effect happening, you’re right but you can see the reflection on the glass top desk if that helps.


I decided to compare the rundown tonight of 9 News NQ and 7 News NQ for the first ~15 minutes to see how they compare at the moment.
Much to my surprise, a lot of the stories were the same.

The most interesting thing, which was the reason I decided to watch both bulletins. There was late breaking news at about 5pm of a dead body found at a popular exercise location in the city which broke on social media on the ABC NQ page, but was not mentioned on either 7 News or 9 News.

I’ve colour coded, yellow is local news, red is statewide/national news, green is international news.

Tonight, both 9 News and 7 News had 7 minutes of local stories in the first 15 minutes of the bulletin. Mostly because 9 News ran an additional local story about the new NRL stadium during the statewide section of the bulletin at 6:10pm.

I was also very surprised to see 7 News crossing to sport so early in the bulletin, at 6:13pm, I have heard people complain in the past that 7 News seems to focus too heavily on sport.

As I typically watch 9 News, I was surprised by some of the weird stuff that seemed to “pad out” 7 News, like a V/O on Union members rallying by a road (not sure why that’s newsworthy) and also a V/O on some roadworks happening on Castle Hill, slightly interesting to locals, but again, I was surprised to see it rate a mention on a TV news bulletin.


I thought this was interesting:


From 2 November


They should really hold off on the presenter name supers until their first solo story. Adelaide’s been doing this for years in conjunction with the presenter name VO and it works well.


Why is that shot so high? Way too much space above their heads.


That’s their normal opening shot. I figure they’re trying to show the entire screen behind the presenters.


You wouldn’t them to go any tighter, the anchors wouldn’t fit on the screen. You can’t moved the camera out because the studio is too small.