Nine News Regional


They do have that in Newcastle.

Just replace “Channel Nine” with “Seven” and “Prime7” or “Ten” and “WIN”.

Wouldn’t put it past Nine to actually do that if it weren’t for the nice little monopoly they have. Again, I’d have money on news production being moved to Sydney.


Quite a funny moment on the NQ bulletin tonight.

One of the local reporters was doing a story on a magpie and got swooped during the report.

The report that aired on TV showed him getting swooped and running away right as he closed the story.

We returned back to Paul at the desk and all you could hear was Sam laughing loudly in the background while he tried to move on to the next segment.


Sounds reminiscent of the Paul & Sam moments we all knew and loved on WIN News about a decade ago! :smiley:


Yeah, they often have moments like that, particularly at the end of the bulletin.
Tonight the last story was an 84 year old man in Ireland that fought off burglars.
As the bulletin was closing Paul commented on the old guys moves, and Sam said something like “it looks just like you” and they both chuckled and Paul was saying “well i’m not an 84 year old man, …”
and the bulletin ended while they were laughing and engrossed in their own conversation.

They’re certainly a fantastic duo to be presenting together


It is good because they seem to accommodate the end story to ensure that there will be banter between the two. The reports are not the usual kickers (animals) but a story that only a strong duo could banter over.


In a couple of years you would have to assume so. The disposal of the NBN studios and the building of the new Nine studios in Sydney is the opportunity to do it.


But aren’t they moving to new premises in the Newcastle CBD that will include a studio space in the coming years?


That’s what NBN said, but things can change and I’m thinking they probably will.


Personally I think a future site for NBN should not only include enough space to continue local production/presentation of the existing Newcastle-based bulletins, but also include space to accommodate the Southern NSW/ACT editions of Nine News so they can be produced from a more regional perspective rather an often Sydney-centric perspective as the case seems to be right now.

But realistically…

Agreed. I doubt anyone would’ve imagined in 2015 that we’d see Nine News Darwin “streamlined” into a Brisbane-based news service also produced for Regional QLD.

Unfortunately, the fact that NBN News is a top rater in Northern NSW or that Jane Goldsmith’s Sunday night bulletin is often their highest rating bulletin of the week probably won’t matter much to the financial number crunchers if they think it’d be more cost effective (especially in the long run) to present/produce Northern NSW bulletins from Sydney + only a small office in Newcastle for reporters and other staff that need to be based locally, as the case already is in other regions of NBN-land.


I remember a while ago it was mentioned that the NSW bulletin has 2 local windows in it.

Out of interest, what is the bulletin rundown like in SNSW? Whereabouts are the local windows located in the bulletin?

The typical rundown of the QLD bulletin is:
6:00 Opening Story (Statewide)
6:03 Local Window
6:08 Statewide (Typically 1 to 3 live crosses)
6:18 Weather Preview (Statewide)
6:19 Ad Break
Statewide through to 6:45
6:45 Local Sport
6:48 Ad Break
6:52 Local Weather
6:55 Finance/Close (Statewide)


I didn’t really watch the SNSW/ACT (via Illawarra) bulletin for a while, but whilst glancing through last week, I’ve noticed that the local news window now seems to start earlier than what it was before, which was around 6:10-6:15pm, as the local window was finished at around 6:10pm one night when I noticed.

In regards to whether the SNSW/ACT bulletin still has 2 local windows, it seems to have been reduced back to just 1 local window again.

Perhaps @Zampakid or @Abesty can confirm on what I’ve said in regards to the first sentence.


It seems Nicole forgot she’s no longer on 9 News Gold Coast.
During the NQ weather tonight she said “across the Gold Coast” while we were seeing tomorrow’s forecast for the local region.


Oh my that’s pretty bad.

Understandable if Nicole had only been presenting Regional QLD/NT weather for a week or so, but hasn’t it been over a year now? :confused:


Yeah, from memory it launched early July 2017


Local window is starts at between 6:08 or 6:15


I agree re the costs, and the ABC has a local weekend bulletin in the Territory, and that’s probably enough.


They did two local windows for a while and now back to one window.

The format is now starting with about 3 live stories, then to the local news window, then back for some more live stories.

When the bulletins first started, they went to commercial break when the local news window finished.

Here is a montage from last week:




Paul Taylor is anchoring tonight as usual in QLD/Darwin, where did you get the info from, @Dj_Cazzah ?


Adam Hegarty hosting Darwin Tonight