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Imparja broadcasts the same ads into NT/QLD, as they are apart of the same network. They are broke so they would cut costs anywhere they could.


Yep that’s right. Bit confusing. One of the downsides of having all channels in AEST. Even worse during daylight savings when the bulletin is advertised as starting at 7.30pm AEDT.


All the Nine stations now operate in AEST for national and regional news productions. I feel bad for the people at the Perth Office doing Today Show News.


Exactly. But to all intents and purposes an NT viewer just has to tune into GEM at six o clock local time for the NT News.


And if they just use their EPG to see what’s on then it’s all correct anyway.


If Nine Darwin wasn’t network-owned I bet all they’d be getting is noodle updates.

But I do think that the regional studio should be producing a live Darwin/NT-only weekend bulletin. It’s empty anyway since RQLD gets the Brisbane bulletin. Only additional costs would be studio presenters and a couple of journalists for the local stories since the Brisbane newsroom is open all week.

I’d keep two studio presenters only with both doing news and sport or one news and one sport. Weather can be pre-recorded by Luke Bradnam or simply read by the main presenter.


I personally think every regional news bulletin should be everyday for each base if they actually wanna go against WIN. However, I’m sure Nine would rather produce weekend bulletins for the same amount of money for every base instead of just Darwin. They would also have to bring in more production staff as Brisbane has 2 control rooms (Brisbane and Regional).

I think it was a stupid move in the first place to cut the bulletin, as they put in a whole new reporting team from other regional offices because they didn’t wanna train them for the new format. It’s a bit sad considering we spent months prior upgrading the facilities and preparing for a new studio, however good things have to come to an end.


Although I agree that weekend bulletins for Darwin should be re-instated, it has the smallest population of the eight sub-markets so I can’t see Nine being in a rush to relaunch them anytime soon.

Best case scenario for local weekend news would probably be to have combined Regional QLD/NT, SNSW/ACT and Victorian bulletins but even that seems highly unlikely, as much as I personally think Nine would benefit greatly from at least Sunday night bulletins for QLD/NT and SNSW/ACT.

So Darwin might’ve recieved an updated Nine News set in line with metro markets if the “streamlining” didn’t happen last September? If so, that’s really sad!


To have the Darwin regional bulletins on the weekend, you have to pay journos, pay car costs, pay pilots and co pilots for mosart, pay for presenters. For the time being I don’t think we will see it. But to be honest, I don’t think most viewers know or pay attention to where the news is from or who is reading it.


Depends on the region, areas like Darwin had the same presenting team for more than 10 years. Once the changes were in place, everyone noticed and went on a online rage. Especially Mediawatch lol.


Recorded this Audio promo on Friday


I think that Radio Promo needs to be Fact Checked! :wink:


The problem with the format used is while that’s great for Darwin, the other 7 larger markets in QLD are left wondering what the hell Nicole is doing presenting our local weather from 2500km away.

It is interesting though that you show that live cross, clearly they’ve used the time difference to their advantage there, and actually presented weather live to Darwin viewers while the QLD markets got the usual prerecorded weather, as i don’t recall that live cross ever being shown on the NQ bulletin.


I think one of the biggest problems is having the Darwin market lumped in with 7 other QLD markets, all receiving the same bulletin.

I think what Nine needs is to split the QLD bulletin into two versions.
Similar to how NSW has a composite NNSW bulletin (via NBN) and a composite SNSW bulletin and they are two distinct products.

I think QLD should have been split into two bulletins, one for NQLD covering Cairns, Townsville, Mackay and Rockhampton and a seperate bulletin covering Wide Bay, Sunshine Coast, Toowoomba.

In its current format there’s just too much stuff from places that are too far away for locals to care about. Which I think is a big reason people don’t feel that the bulletins provide enough local content.
For example, Friday, opening on a car accident that happened south of Bundaberg. Clearly a major story for that area; and neighbouring markets, worthy of the opening story. But for people in North QLD there is no interest in this story, yet it’s opening the bulletin, while we’re missing out on details of a bushfire emergency.

Similarly a few weeks ago, there was a major car accident south of Townsville which opened the bulletin, very relevant to my area, but people watching in Toowoomba or the Sunshine Coast didn’t need to know about it.

Ideally, I believe the bulletin should be split into a NQLD version and a seperate SQLD version. And Darwin should have been left alone


We operate our station under AEST, so they performed the live cross at 5:45pm, so Darwin would’ve received it half an hour later, and Queensland bulletins got it live.


Exactly what the issue is. Our Number 1 complaint is the high amount of Queensland news we are forced to show in our bulletin.

If we did have our own bulletin, we would be able to spread/have more local content and the ability to spread it out, to make it more watchable for Darwin viewers I guess.


The one for Border North East is exactly the same also biasedly it plays on the Triple M & Hit Networks…


Ideally, there should have been TWO approved markets under the farce called aggregation.

Northern Queensland, which has TNQ/FNQ, MVQ (de-merged from SEQ) and RTQ (demerged from DDQ).
Southern Queensland, which has SEQ (demerged from MVQ), DDQ (demerged from RTQ) and a new station OR RTN demerged from NRN.


Northern Queensland, with TNQ, FNQ split up to form two separate stations (like TNT and TVT had to), and MVQ (demerged from SEQ).
Southern Queensland, with SEQ (demerged from MVQ), DDQ and RTQ split up as oer TNQ/FNQ above.

That would’ve made local news a lot easier, and your scenario would’ve occurred.


Maybe you’re already aware, but the original equalisation plan called for 2 Queensland approved markets, but some, mainly TNQ/FNQ, argued that it wouldn’t be viable.


No one watches Nine news in the Border North East area from the west of Benalla and 90% of the local stories are of Albury/Wodonga which is 2 and half hours away from the end (Nearly 2 hours to Shepparton)

It is like having the Channel nine Sydney news broadcast into Newcastle and saying it is your local news.