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TCN will cover stories in any market if it big enough. Damian Ryan was sent to cover a Perth story. It is how nine works… when a story is big enough TCN takes it. Plus a lot of the regional reporters can barely do a live cross (besides Natassia Apolloni).


Regional Queensland Weather was a statewide (and territory-wide) one.

Garry was in two places at once - also on the Brisbane bulletin.


Thanks for the caps!

Interesting that towns like Katherine, Tennant Creek and Mount Isa get a mention on the weather graphics despite being miles outside the coverage area.


Even Yulara and the Alice


Not sure what’s prompted it, but i’ve noticed some improvements recently to the presentation of the bulletin; which has been quite nice.

Recently i’ve noticed just after the local window, we’ve been getting quite a lot of live crosses, often back to back.

I’ve also noticed quite a few occasions where they’ve got Sam and Paul both introducing stories, previously this was only done for the opening story.


Thee two presenters reading alternating sentences? I’ve never liked that.


Mike Lorigan presenting NSW/ACT bulletins tonight.


Nine News has really failed the NQ community tonight.

A “Leave Now” bushfire warning was issued for a housing estate about 10km north of my home in Townsville around 4:00pm this afternoon.

9 News tonight opened on a story/live cross about a car accident near Bundaberg, then the 5-minute local window, with no mention of the bushfire/evacuations needed, then after the local window we were told all about bushfires burning outside Darwin, yet still no mention of the emergency situation happening locally.

Meanwhile, over on 7 News, the bulletin opened with “Breaking News” and a full report on the situation, with a reporter on the scene with a “looklive”.

Seven News (Regional Qld)

…and Luke Dufficy presented sport:


Possibly because the Darwin bulletin is also shown on Imparja Gem in remote NT and QLD.

EDIT: If that’s still shown. I can’t see it listed in online guides.


It’s listed on yourtv.


I thought that was only when it was a Darwin produced bulletin?

Edit: @littlegezzybear has now answered that question! Thanks


You might find it’s also because Territory and Federal agents and contractors frequently have to travel to and interact with with those places as part of their work.



9News Darwin broadcasts both on NTD8 and Imparja on weekdays. Nine broadcasts the shitty Nine News Queensland bulletin on weekends into the NT.

Don’t get me started on that.


Wouldn’t you say this is an excellent example of how the image/perception of a local news service can sometimes be just as important as the amount of local content provided?

With Darwin viewers having seen the end of locally produced news on commercial TV, Nine no longer producing weekend news, production moving to Brisbane with content airing on a 30 minute delay due to the time difference along with Jonathan Uptin (who I’d imagine Darwin viewers had an extremely strong connection towards) moving onto the position of weekend presenter of Nine News Queensland back in March…you can probably understand why ABC News might be more popular with Darwin viewers these days.


I guess you could say that. If we didn’t become 100% Channel 9 owned, none of this would of happened.

I work for the station and we have done numerous trials of producing local news bulletins out of Darwin under the regional format, such as Nicole Rowles coming from interstate to present the weather over the last few weeks.

Channel 9 is known for majorly participating in local events and sponsoring sporting teams, I guess that’s why our viewers were left extremely disappointed and angered to message us all the time saying how shit we are. It’s a pretty big topic up here, however there is signs of change concurring…


It took some getting my head around why Imparja Gem viewers in the NT see the Darwin news “on time” at 6pm. I assume it’s simulcast with NTD Darwin so basically delayed by 30 mins. Remote QLD viewers would see it at 6.30 local time. The listings are in NT time.


What I can’t get my head around is why Imparja doesn’t broadcast the 9 News Darwin bulletin on their main channel in the NT.


Because most of IMP North’s viewers are in QLD (population wise, not necessarily the biggest geographical area). I’m not sure if they have the facility to split the feed between QLD and NT (are the ads the same across the “north” market?) and even if they could, would they consider it financially viable?