Nine News Presenters and Reporters


Pearce was sacked from Seven in October 1957, according to Mal Walden’s book The Newsman.

Apparently Pearce’s “crime” was voicing doubts about Seven’s owner HWT in that it was deliberately hindering Seven’s news presence because it presented a risk to the might of their newspapers. He was shown the door and then picked up by GTV9.


Sophie Walsh presented Monday Early News.


How long has the presenter on Nine Morning News been doing sports?


Since the move from studio 23 to studio 24.


Tuesday (14.02.17) -Wednesday (15.02.17): Tim Davies is presenting the Early News.


By now, it should be rather obvious that Peter Overton partially models his newsreading style on Brian Henderson’s and that the current main presenter of Nine News Sydney has a great deal of respect for the icon.

I’d have to find the report which backs this up (which would’ve been published around the time last year when Pete marked his 25 years since joining Nine) but if I’m not mistaken, Brian Henderson was/is actually Peter Overton’s mentor. Hendo has even allowed Overton to use his iconic signoff, an offer which Pete has respectfully declined of course.

UPDATE: Found the article! Paywall alert since it’s a “Premium Article” from The DT, but it pretty much backs up what I’ve been saying.


Tuesday (14.02.17): Andrew Lofthouse is anchoring solo in Queensland tonight.


I’m sure you or someone who knows the history of Melbourne TV news better could correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t Tony Jones presenting Weeknight Sport on Nine Melbourne’s 6pm bulletin go back to the days when Brian Naylor was reading the news?


Yeah, probably now that I think about it.


@SydneyCityTV Tony Jones started presenting Melbourne weeknight sport in the early 1990’s working alongside the late Brian Naylor.


The team in Melbourne was Brian Naylor, Tony Jones and Rob Gell in the 1990s right?


@Tom_TV7 another blast from the past Rob Gell ,gee he was one of my favourite weather presenters.Yes up until 1998 it was Brian,Tony and Rob.


IIRC he was also a meteorologist on TV like Brownie, Graham Creed and Magdalena Roze. And didn’t he also present weekend weather on Seven News Melbourne for a few years?


@Tom_TV7 Rob was very passionate about weather and the environment,yes he moved to Seven after he was dumped by Nine for a few years doing weekends with David Brown on weeknights at that time.


@Salty I agree with you there. I daresay Rob was the David Brown of the 90s. Very knowledgeable and was a great weather presenter overall.


@Tom_TV7 Brownie was at Ten Melbourne in early 1990’s and moved to Seven Melbourne in 1995.So during 1990’s Rob and Brownie were up against each other for a number of years,both meteorologists who showed there passion in their presenting.So good that Brownie’s career is still going strong with Seven Sydney now.


This is probably one of the reasons why @SydneyCityTV and @nationalnews both said that Nine News Sydney should consider grabbing a meteorologist. They show so much energy and passion in their presentations and would add more to the bulletin. That is why I say Seven News Sydney’s weather segment is so much better than Nine News Sydney simply because David Brown shares his knowledge in that segment compared to Amber Sherlock who reads what BOM has sent to the network.


@nationalnews Kate Creedon presented Thursday & Friday Early News.


Just saw a video of Nine News Queensland (morning edition) from today, and Alison Ariotti who was anchoring began with ‘breaking news’ about an injured cyclist and traffic delays, and said that while partially smiling. How can I take this woman seriously?

N.B. Credits to @HarbourSideTv for the video.


I agree, was quite shocking!