Nine News Presenters and Reporters


I don’t really mind her presenting style although I definitely would say her main arch-rival Jennifer Keyte is a much better presenter IMO, who deserves to win so much more than she does (rare wins last year even with the AFL).


Realistically, I can’t see Nine replacing Peter Overton anytime in the foreseeable future unless they have to.

Overton is currently 50 (turning 51 on April 5, I believe) so presuming that he doesn’t leave or defect, one could imagine Nine being able to get another 10, possibly even 20 years (it’s not that unrealistic, Brian Henderson read Nine’s Sydney news until he was 71!) out of him.

The successor to Peter Overton will probably be someone who isn’t even on our radars at this point in time.


Speaking of this, Peter Hitchener is turning 71 this year, and it seems like there is at least another 5 years inside Hitch, which is got to be good news for us viewers right (Hitchener is probably the Hendo of Melbourne TBH)?


Yeah, it’s a good thing. I wonder if Hitchener just might overtake Henderson as Australia’s longest ever serving newsreader at some point? :slight_smile:

I would’ve said that the late Brian Naylor is the Hendo of Melbourne (for obvious reasons), but there’s absolutely no doubt that Peter Hitchener is a Melbourne TV news icon in his own right.


I used to remember people mention the ‘Two Brians’ Success’. Isn’t it about time we changed it to the ‘Two Peters’? :wink:

No doubt the late Brian Naylor is also a news legend of his own. However IIRC Brian served at HSV-7 for 8 years before switching to GTV where he served 20 years. Whereas Hitch was there when the late Sir Eric Pearce was the chief newsreader (from 1974 IIRC), so Hitch has served in GTV for 40+ years, just like Hendo. Hence why I say Hitch is like the Hendo of Melbourne because the late Brian Naylor was another great anchor who changed to a different network after a long career at a rival network, whereas Hitch was (almost) a Nine boy from the beginning.


They recently let the obvious replacement go to 7. I can’t think of anyone in the current lineup at 9 who would make the cut.


If in the chance Peter Overton was to leave anytime soon, of course they’d most likely give the position to either Georgie Gardner or Deborah Knight. But for as long as he remains at the network and avoids defecting or getting caught up in a major controversy, Peter Overton will probably still be the lead presenter of Nine News Sydney for another decade or two.

I think Nine News Sydney actually wants to be known for stability in their newsreading talent (in contrast to Seven and Ten who continually chop and change) by having three main choices, just like they did back in the 1980s and 1990s. So it’s rather pointless speculating about a future lead presenter of Nine News Sydney at this time.


Brett McLeod is back presenting Sunday First At Five News.


Airlie Walsh presented Early News this week.


Vanessa O’Hanlon was going to be a weather recruit for Nine before being offered anchor of Nine News regional.


Hitch is live on Facebook showing off the set


Possibly replacing Stevie on Today?


Nine makeup artists need to ease up on Overton’s face. He’s starting to rival Cruella De Ville.





[quote=“Awabakal, post:810, topic:2086”]
I don’t get the hate for Darren and Alison. I think because people consider her to have a lisp and Darren “bug-eyes” puts them off. I say focus on the experience, the bulletin, the reporting, you know, the things that actually matter.
[/quote] They are both absolutely shocking, way worse than Mark Ferguson.


totally disagree. Darren and Alison have personality, Mark has none.


I agree that Fergo has absolutely no charisma as a newsreader, but Darren & Alison on Nine vs Kay McGrath on Seven for Brisbane’s weekend news? There’s absolutely no contest.

Nine never should’ve moved Eva Milic off Brisbane’s weekend news.


Which still intrigues me as to why they hired Ferguson and put him on weeknights when Bathie was laps ahead…


I know they are loyal to Seven but I’d love to see Nine Brisbane relaunch in HD with the Sydney set and run solo with either Kay or Rod at the helm. :grinning:

Watching that Brisbane clip just there is woeful. Was hard enough listening to Alison through the opening titles. She appears to be yelling.


Probably Rebecca Judd’s weekend role?