Nine News Presenters and Reporters


Friday (27.01.17): Julie Snook is presenting the Early News.


Jayne Azzopardi is presenting Friday Morning & Afternoon News.


Deb Knight presenting 6pm Sydney News on Friday & Saturday again this week.


Saturday (28.01.17) - Sunday (29.01.17): With Darren Curtis reporting in the US, Alison Arriotti is anchoring solo in Queensland again this weekend.


Keep him there :slight_smile:


Vanessa O’Hanlon read the early news today (through gritted teeth probably, thinking the early starts had been left behind!) :smiley:


Personally l would have thought a few weeks on Early News bulletin would have been good idea for Vanessa to iron out any flaws in her presenting skills prior to starting the new local bulletin. Yes obviously she would have been in rehearsals for new bulletin, so hopefully she is presenting Early News bulletin for the week .During cross to Karl & Lisa for preview of Today no formal welcome from them to the network but Vanessa did say to them good luck with today’s show guys.


Early Edition headlines:


I must say Vanessa did a good job for her first bulletin on Nine. However, she did sound a bit nervous throughout the bulletin, but she will improve over time (hopefully in time for the launch of the bulletins).


Melbourne weeknight sports presenter Tony Jones is returning tonight.


Unfortunately, I was disappointed with Vanessa’s performance this morning. I think she needed to inject some emotions or authority into what she was reading. Her cross to Karl and Lisa along with the weather of course, though, were perfect. Hopefully, this week on the Early News will help her improve her newsreading.


Melissa Downes and Wally Lewis have returned from holidays tonight in Brisbane.


@Awabakal Vanessa said on her Instagram she is presenting Early News bulletins this week.She has received a lot of supportive messages from her ex colleagues.


Mark Burrows is presenting Tuesday Morning & Afternoon News.

EDIT- Davina returned on Wednesday.


Deb Knight has returned to presenting Monday & Friday Morning/Afternoon News bulletins this week.


@Tom_TV7 l said a few weeks ago that Davina said on twitter she was working Tuesday - Thursday which l posted in this thread.
Deb is just returning this year to presenting on Monday & Friday as she was doing last year at one stage.


Georgie Gardner has returned from holidays and is back presenting Friday & Saturday 6pm Sydney News.


Tonight’s bulletin will also be GG’s first presenting in the new set, if I’m not mistaken! :slight_smile:


Saturday (04.02.17) - Sunday (05.02.17): Alison Arriotti is anchoring solo in Queensland again this weekend.


Does anyone else find that Alicia Loxely reads fast and speaks like she is yelling? If she reads this forum I honestly urge her to watch Nine news first at 5 broadcast from today!