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I thought that too. Unless for some strange reason she did a U-turn.


The article l read earlier in the week said Bec returned to work on Monday but didn’t say what she was actually doing ,there was no mention of her returning to weather presenting at Nine News Melbourne in the article l read.l assume she was working on Postcards which she is suppose to be doing one or two days a week from this month,or working on another project.
@Pranks what is your source for this information? Do you have a link please.


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Jayne Azzopardi is presenting Friday Morning & Afternoon News.


And James Bracey presenting sport for both bulletins today.


Friday (20.01.17) - Saturday (21.01.17): Deborah Knight is anchoring in Sydney.


Belinda Russell returned from holidays this week and is back presenting Friday & Saturday weather in Sydney.


Alicia Loxley is back presenting in Melbourne this weekend along with First At Five News.


Saturday (21.01.17) - Sunday (22.01.17): Alison Arriotti is anchoring solo in Brisbane this weekend.


Casey Lawrence presented Monday - Thursday Early News this week.


@nationalnews Darren Curtis is currently reporting from Nine’s LA Bureau.

Jayne Azzopardi is presenting Monday Morning & Afternoon News.



Interesting story.

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…It had only been half-a-day. Just 12 hours since his mother was murdered. And I was knocking. iPhone in hand. Hair pulled back. Tom, cameraman, ready and waiting by the kerb for "the nod”. I did a death-knock on my first day back at work this year. …

[/quote] I know Sarah Harris and Jessica Rowe have discussed this issue of ‘death knocking’ on Studio 10. Jess said she has refused to do and Harris said that at Nine she had to, the pressure was on and if you didn’t producers would be on your back as to why Seven had the interview and they didn’t.


Congrats to Peter Hitchener for being awarded an Order of Australia Medal in this year’s Australian Day Honours:

Mr Peter Donald HITCHENER, Vic
For service to the broadcast media as a journalist and television presenter, and to the

Service includes”

Held a range of roles with the Nine Network since 1974 including Nightly news
presenter, Melbourne, since 1998; Chief Weekend news presenter, Melbourne, 1974-
1998; and announcer and news presenter, Sydney, 1974.

Patron, Able Australia, since 1998.
Patron, Dogs Victoria, since 2011.
Patron, Barwon Health, since 2004.
Ambassador, Lort Smith Animal Hospital, since 2004.


Another reason l love Peter Hitchener is he is ever so humble,today during appearances on Today and 3AW he mentioned that Australia Day Honour belongs to the newsroom who do the work get it to air every night and he gets the credit. Of course he is honoured to receive it and overwhelmed and even said to Lisa on Today Show he felt embarrassed. Such a deserving recipient who has given so much during his long career in the media and does so much charitable work.So many lovely comments from colleagues on social media and especially from his close friend Livinia Nixon who l am sure will make mention of today’s honour after her weather report on tonight’s bulletin.

EDIT-- ln the Australia Day Honours report Hitch wasn’t mentioned but after that report he crossed to Livinia for a weather update which she did and then she congratulated Pete with some heartfelt words…


Monday (23.01.17) - Friday (27.01.17): Andrew Lofthouse is anchoring solo again this week in Queensland with Sam Squiers and Tom Mitchell on sport.


Nine quickly made a promo congratulating Peter Hitchener which aired twice in Melbourne during the cricket coverage tonight. It is voiced by Livinia Nixon and includes photos of him visiting charities he is a patron of.


They probably knew and made it in advance. I understand that media have an embargoed list prior to the day. Likewise the recipients would know before the day itself.


AFAIK the recipient has to accept the award before the announcement, probably to avoid any embarrassment that a refusal would cause.


@JohnsonTV Pete’s congratulatory promo started airing during Today this morning.