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How immature. You really need to move on. Shit happens. She may have approached things wrong but ultimately she was just trying to do her job. We’ve all forgiven Karl’s drunken morning after the Logies, we can forgive this…


Gonna play the devils advocate here. Karl didn’t really hurt anyone for that show. Amber may have hurt Julie, we really don’t know.

But other than that I agree with you.


She did overreact and she admitted that…

I don’t think she deserves to be dropped from the weather presenting role for it though.


At the very least, I say good on her for still turning up to work and presenting the Sydney weather amidst all the mounting media scrutiny towards her - certainly showing her more professional side.


David Letterman revealed that someone had tried to blackmail him over the secret affair he had with an intern. Letterman was serverly embarrassed, coped an avalanche of criticism, and he apologised and he moved on pretty much career intact. Sherlock’s hiccup is a minor speed bump in comparison, and in a couple of weeks it’ll be in the past.


I don’t want to say that I have a personal dislike for Amber Sherlock, but I strongly disagree with the decision to allow her to present Sydney’s weather tonight.

That I will commend.


oh please! Julie is no angel


I am not saying that. What I am saying is she shouldn’t really be subjected to that behaviour from Sherlock.


Tim Davies presented Early News this week.


Sophie Walsh is presenting Monday Morning & Afternoon News.


I think we should all take a listen to this:


Studio 10 obviously haven’t moved on.


Amber Sherlock is presenting 9 News Now this afternoon.


Monday (16.01.17) - Friday (20.01.17): Andrew Lofthouse is anchoring solo in Queensland.


Monday (16.01.17)
Peter Hitchener not dabbing solo in Melbourne


Very funny!


It’s. A. Dead. Meme.


I think i know a thing or two about memes. I sadly posted it because of the cringe. Here I was thinking he couldn’t be cringe.

has an existential crisis


Vanessa O’Hanlon is on the mixed grill on the Today show this morning.


But I thought she quit?