Nine News Presenters and Reporters


Livinia Nixon also returning tonight for another year at Nine News Melbourne, she has been the weeknight weather presenter since 2004.


Livinia will probably be Australia’s longest serving weather presenter at some point if she keeps going. She’s only 41. Jenny Woodward at the ABC has just done 30 yrs.

Best team in Oz!


Monday (9.01.17) - Friday (13.01.17): Darren Curtis is anchoring in Brisbane again this week with Luke Bradnam on weather. Tom Mitchell and Sam Squiers are sharing the sport desk.


Davina Smith presenting Tuesday Morning & Afternoon News.

EDIT- Davina said on twitter she will be reading Morning & Afternoon News from Tuesday -Thursday every week.
Most likely once she has finished her filling in work Deb Knight will return to Mondays and Fridays.


Glad you’ve come round. :smile:


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Peter Stefanovic presenting Friday & Saturday in Sydney along with Sophie Walsh presenting weather.


Peter did a cross to Airlie Walsh at Bondi Beach in relation to Sydney’s hot weather during tonight’s news.

He got his wires crossed and introduced her as “Airlie Beach” (which is a town in North Qld, not all that far from Ayr).


I say the word and it happens. :wink:

Saturday (14.01.17) - Sunday (15.01.17): Samantha Heathwood is anchoring solo in Queensland this weekend making her 6pm debut.


I thought Airlie Beach was closer to Mackay than Townsville myself, am I right @NQCQTV2?

Good pick-up in any case!


Correct @SydneyCityTV

Airlie Beach is about a 1.5 hour drive from Mackay in Central QLD. It’s about a 3.5 hour drive from here in Townsville :slight_smile:


A quick google search would’ve told SydneyCityTV the same thing, in fact it probably did before he asked the question.


I can see now that I am going to have to be EXTRA careful when making geographic statements here in MS :tongue: .

I started the whole “is Mackay in Central or North QLD” thing in the “Southern Cross Austereo Regional” thread last week, and now this!


Next thing it’ll be a v-eteran meme repeated here ad nauseam, like Townsville, near Ayr.


Townsville isn’t near Ayr, Ayr is near Townsville. Get it right. :stuck_out_tongue:


Deb Knight presenting Sydney 6pm News for another week.


…and the presenter who shall not be named after that incident is unfortunately presenting Sydney weather tonight.


How ridiculous. You don’t have to agree with the networks position with her still in her usual position given recent unfortunate events but Amber Sherlock has a name that you can and should use.


Seems like you’ve taken a personal dislike to Amber Sherlock as well. Just because she was involved in such a thing does that mean she doesn’t deserve a role at the network? Maybe removing her from NNN will be on the cards, but moving her from Nine News Sydney will create more instability for the network which will undoubtedly be hoping for stability right at this minute.