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I don’t think she ‘must’ or ‘must not’ go on maternity leave, she’ll go whenever the time is right.

Yesterday was probably her last weekend bulletin for a while, but not necessarily her last bulletin as such before ML.


She starts her maternity leave after today’s bulletin.


Presumably Brett McLeod will take over and Dougal/Carrie-Anne will do Thursday/Fridays.


Tony Jones during the Afternoon News gave Alicia a funny farewell… she said maybe we can have a barbecue once the baby arrives :joy: and he didn’t attempt to kiss her…


Apologies, didn’t mean it like that.


All good. I thought you probably meant what I meant anyway even though it didn’t sound that way.


Tuesday -

Brett McLeod presenting Afternoon News in Melbourne, he is probably now working Alicia’s roster from today.


Wednesday -

Mark Burrows presenting Morning News & Sydney Afternoon News.


…and Sophie Walsh presented the weather. TBH I was kind of hoping we’d see Jayne present the weather (has she ever presented a Sydney forecast before?) but since both her and Sophie are equally high quality presenters, it’s all good! :slight_smile:

Mind you, I do wonder if there’s the possibility of there being an OB forecast from Amber or Belinda tonight if neither presenter was available for Nine News Now or the 4pm forecast. Guess we’ll just have to wait and see…

UPDATE: As it turns out, Sophie Walsh presented Sydney’s weather tonight from the studio. And yes Mike Dalton had some top investigative journalism on those showbags!


Ex-Nine reporter Darren Curtis is now appearing on Sky News from the Gold Coast.

Sky News

Thursday (14.03.2019) - Friday (15.03.2019): Luke Bradnam presented Brisbane’s weather.


With Alicia Loxley on maternity leave Brett McLeod is presenting First at Five News and Melbourne Weekend News.


(16/3/2019) Neil Breen is presenting sport in Sydney tonight.


Elizabeth Bryan is presenting Early News this week.


Monday -

Lizzie Pearl is presenting Morning News & Sydney Afternoon News.


Tuesday -

Neil Breen presented sport in Sydney tonight.


Quite interesting how both Cam & Erin were unavailable, isn’t it?

Also Kate Creedon is back from maternity leave and reporting for Nine News Sydney, with tonight’s piece about the launch of Vivid Sydney being her first since last April.

I didn’t see tonight’s bulletin but with Kate’s report apparently being the last before Weather, Pete may have said “Welcome Back Kate” or words to that effect afterwards.


Alice Monfries’ time in Sydney is until May right?


Possibly. Laura Tunstall (who was last seen on Nine News Sydney in May last year) hasn’t yet returned from leave so I presume that Alice Monfries will continue to report for TCN until then.


Yes, Pete did welcome Kate back.