Nine News Presenters and Reporters


Deb acknowledged the anniversary of Peter Harvey’s passing at the conclusion of tonight’s bulletin and some vision was shown.


Agreed. I remember everyone in my living room being moved to tears during the package.


It is very sad. It’s almost like he was still there, as a part of the family. Sadly, he wasn’t, which makes it even sadder that the tribute was for the man who did the V/O that day.


Sunday (03.03.2019): Garry Youngberry presented Brisbane’s weather again this Sunday.


Peter Overton tonight “Hughesy, we’ve got a problem.”


Monday -

Elizabeth Bryan presented Early News.

Mark Burrows is presenting Morning News & Sydney Afternoon News.


(4-8/3/2019) Andrew Lofthouse is presenting solo in Brisbane this week.

(5/3/2019) Jonathan Uptin presented sport on Queensland’s Afternoon News.


MAJOR NEWS ALERT: The 2019 Sydney Royal Easter Showbag launch event will be held next Wednesday, March 13. As longtime media observers in this market (and probably even a few outside of it) should know by now, it’s that one held somewhere at the showgrounds a month or so prior to the big event each year where kids from the children’s hospitals are invited to road test the bags which are expected to be on sale for 12 days or unless stocks sell out prior.

The question I’m sure Media Spy will be wondering about for the next seven days: Will the Nine News Sydney tradition of Mike Dalton’s top notch investigative journalism on those showbags continue in 2019? :grinning:


Choose one


“North Sydney, 2020”


Like the reference to Mike Dalton’s reporting (as much as I may enjoy it) as being “top notch investigative journalism”, of course I wasn’t being entirely serious with the use of “MAJOR NEWS ALERT” at the start of that post. :slight_smile:


Friday -

Mark Burrows is presenting Morning News with Davina Smith presenting Sydney Afternoon News.


(8/3/2019) Jonathan Uptin and Luke Bradnam presented sport and weather respectively in Brisbane.

(9-10/3/2019) Dominique Loudon is presenting sport this weekend.


He was on reporting duties in the afternoon plus appeared on a love cross during the 6pm news


Sunday 10 March-

Tonight was Alicia Loxley’s last night presenting weekends in Melbourne for a while with her heading off on maternity leave. Most likely Brett McLeod will be her replacement.


Sunday (10.03.2019): Garry Youngberry presented the weather again this Sunday. Dominque Loudon was on sport.



Monday -

Zara James presenting Early News.


Monday -

Sophie Walsh is presenting Morning News and Sydney Afternoon News.


Alicia is presenting Nine Afternoon News today live from Alexandra Gardens for Moomba.