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Good addition to Canberra but he had a massive state contact list, but that doesn’t mean he is instantly going to get a massive federal list like Laurie Oaks.


At the moment, I probably wouldn’t compare Chris O’Keefe to Laurie Oakes. But in another decade or two, who knows!

Didn’t Laurie Oakes start his reporting career in state politics before moving up to federal political reporting? I’d be extremely surprised if Chris O’Keefe didn’t have at least some contacts in federal politics, given that Sydney/NSW is home to quite a few notable federal politicians.

I’d also imagine that most state political reporters would have some interest in federal politics and visa versa, since Nine used Laurie Oakes for state election night coverage on what surely would’ve been many occasions over the years…


Do you have to be old to be a good political reporter?


I think it helps, experience speaks volumes.


Maybe if you’re a political commentator, not a political reporter. Anyway…


Yes and have a voice two octaves below Barry White.


A new voiceover for Jonathan Uptin in Queensland which debuted yesterday.

Nine News Content and Appearance

So QLD are finally bringing back voiceovers for the 6PM bulletin?
That VO sounded good.


Sunday (24.02.2019): Garry Youngberry is presenting the weather in Brisbane.


Lizzie Pearl is presenting Early News this week.


Monday -

Sophie Walsh is presenting Morning News and Sydney Afternoon News.


Chris O’Keefe. I knew he looked familiar.


Mark Burrows is reporting from Hanoi in Vietnam on the Trump -Kim Summit.



Hopefully people will taste before his shouting drives them away


Not sure what has happened, but Sophie Walsh has taken over from Davina Smith on Nine News Sydney’s 4pm news bulletin.


Friday -

Corey Norris is presenting sport in Melbourne tonight.



I imagine it would have been very difficult for Georgie to say “Good Evening” seconds after Peter Harvey’s voice introduced her to the viewers…


Indeed. It was probably one of the most emotional opening stories to a Saturday night 6pm bulletin in the nearly 62 and a half year history of Channel Nine Sydney, with the emotion of Georgie (and probably every Sydney viewer who watched the bulletin live) quite accurately reflected in that “We begin with Breaking News and very sad news…” intro.