Nine News Presenters and Reporters


Ahhh, that might be true. In researching this article, I found an article that said Ferguson was taken off air before THISafternoon was axed, so I might have jumped to a conclusion about him not appearing on the network again. I will amend, always happy to be corrected.


By the way @blackbox, very well written. Always love reading stories behind success and how products evolve.


Cheers! Really appreciate that.


Wow, what an incredible insight. Great piece, Rob!
I don’t suppose that launch promo is still out there anywhere?


I looked for it but couldn’t find it… I’m terrible at keeping stuff like that!


Well, here’s the last Ferguson-fronted Nine Afternoon News, just for everyone’s interest.


Interesting read.

Now if only we knew who was responsible for all footage stealing, over-the-top watermarking, and exclusive Aldi promos :slight_smile:


Nine Darwin’s Kezia Dawn now based in Perth.


Friday -
Madeline Slattery presenting weather in Melbourne.


This hasn’t been mentioned here but Renae Henry is now Asia Correspondent for Nine News, based in Jakarta.


She’s really talented… she will make a great Asian correspondent


Wait a minute…when did Nine open an Asian bureau?


Moreover, I know Jakarta is fairly close to Australia but wouldn’t Singapore make more sense as an Asian bureau? A lot closer in proximity to other Asian locations compared to Jakarta.


Depends what sort of stories they are targeting, ie Aussies in trouble in Bali vs high brow Chinese politics.

ABC News has their main SE Asia bureau in Jakarta. Much cheaper than Singapore.


Corey Norris presenting sport in Melbourne this weekend,Clint Stanaway is on holidays.


Sunday (17.02.2019): Garry Youngberry is presenting the weather again this Sunday.


Monday - Wednesday
Zara James presented Early News.

Mark Burrows is presenting Morning News & Sydney Afternoon News.


that was a well written article Rob, very well done!


Cheers! That’s very kind of you.


Lane Calcutt appeared on Sky News tonight, spoke about his time as Nine’s UK Correspondent