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Has Emmy returned to Brisbane


Unsure, her social media has been quiet for a while apart from sharing a QLD related health promo… could be possible though.

7Perth really should have got her back to do the 4PM news but thats for another discussion/topic.


Agree Totally


Whilst at the dentist this afternoon, i watched a Nine News Perth Update and noticed that Michael Thomson saying that Optus Stadium will host 6 matches of the Twenty20 World Cup this year. Sometimes, Michael Thomson makes errors whilst reading the news updates.


Luke seems to be settling in as the Gold Coast weather presenter.


Nine News Perth presenters Michael Genovese and Jerrie Demasi are to be married this weekend.


Alison Ariotti has returned from maternity leave and is back presenting Thursday and Friday Afternoon News in Brisbane.



Thursday (31.01.2019): Melissa Downes is live in Ingham for the Brisbane bulletin tonight, anchoring coverage on the North Queensland floods. Andrew Lofthouse is holding the fort in studio.


Friday & Saturday-
Sophie Walsh presenting the weather in Sydney.

Friday & Saturday -
Deb Knight is back presenting in Sydney.


Friday (01.02.2019): Melissa Downes is live in Hermit Park, North Queensland, anchoring coverage on the floods for the Brisbane bulletin. Andrew Lofthouse is in studio solo.


Alicia Muling presented Saturday sport in Melbourne with Clint Stanaway back on Sunday.


Melissa Downes is anchoring North Queensland flood stories from Aplins Weir near Townsville tonight. She also presented a report speaking to local residents who are affected by the flooding.

Live crosses to reporters Emily Prain in Townsville, Jordan Bissell in Cairns and Paris Martin at Emergency Headquarters in Brisbane. Weather presenter Garry Youngberry has also been flown to Cloncurry - and filed a report from there speaking to locals.

Jonathan Uptin presenting the rest of the days news from the studio from about 6.12pm. He also presented the weather at the end of the bulletin. Michael Atkinson presented sport.



Sunday (03.02.2019): Melissa Downes was live in Townsville again tonight for extensive coverage on the local flooding with Garry Youngberry presenting the weather live from Cloncurry. Jonathan Uptin presented the rest of the Brisbane bulletin in studio.


Monday to Wednesday-

Alice Monfries presented Early News.

Mark Burrows presenting Morning News and Sydney Afternoon News.


(4/2/2019) Edward Godfrey is presenting Nine Live Adelaide this afternoon.


He also presented Saturday and Sunday’s 6pm bulletin.


9 Live Perth will be back with Tracy Vo this afternoon


Monday (04.02.2019): Melissa Downes is live in Aplins Weir covering the local flood emergency. Andrew Lofthouse has the rest of the Brisbane news in studio.