Nine News Presenters and Reporters


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Jerrie Demasi did Nine News Perth weather tonight.


Lane Calcutt was asked by a few tonight whether he was returning to Queensland to work at QTQ

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Nice farewell post.


Friday -

Morning News returned today with Davina Smith presenting.


Looks like Mark Burrows is presenting tonight in Sydney :smile:


Matt Pavlich presented the Sport from Rod Laver Arena for Perth viewers this afternoon


She’s been missed! Hope she’s had a nice holiday break with her family. Great to see her back.


She’s been reporting a bit.


Saturday -

Mark Burrows presenting in Sydney again tonight.


Saturday (26.01.2019) - Sunday (27.01.2019): Samantha Heathwood is presenting in Brisbane this weekend with Ebony Cavallaro on weather. Jonathan Uptin is still presenting sport from Melbourne Park.


What’s the go in QLD with Heathwood presenting non stop? Is there nobody else there? I’m not up with the team up north but I don’t think we’d get Alicia that many in a row down this way!


Well we basically have four presenters- Andrew Lofthouse and Melissa Downes weeknights and Jonathan Uptin on weekends. Sam Heathwood is brought in to fill-in for Jono. Unlike GTV, we don’t have any talented reporters (apart from Wendy Kingston) waiting in the wings.

This was the first summer in years, that they didn’t have Darren Curtis to present over Christmas and New Year; so that is probably why you are noticing Sam so much.

Andrew returned solo to weeknights last week with Sam doing weekends. Jono (who is also Brisbane’s sports editor) has been filling in on sport. I imagine that it will be back to normal from tomorrow.


Sunday -

Livinia Nixon is presenting Melbourne weather from Melbourne Park tonight, Justine Conway presented last night (Saturday).

Monday - Sunday :

Clint Stanaway presented sport from Melbourne Park.


Apparently, Penelope Liersch has left Nine Gold Coast News.

Not sure where she’s heading off to next though.


Elizabeth Bryan presented Early News this week.

Monday -
Sophie Walsh is presenting Morning News & Sydney Afternoon News.
Local Afternoon News bulletins are returning today.


She still filed at least one report on tonight’s bulletin…unless it was already in the can prior to the weekend:


Over 1 year now since Michael Thompson took over from Tim and Emmy on Nine News Perth. Probably the worst decision they ever made and ratings have remained the same/ gotten worse on days. They seem to be exceptionally low even with the help of the Aus Open.