Nine News Presenters and Reporters


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Allison Langdon and Jayne Azzopardi are probably in or heading to Melbourne for Weekend Today tomorrow.
Mark Burrows on holidays?..
It gives Sophie the opportunity.


(18/1/2019) Garry Youngberry is presenting weather on the Gold Coast News tonight.


Lane Culcutt is returning back home to QTQ as a news reporter. He will add much needed experience to the Brisbane newsroom.


From the Canberra bureau to the Aldi bureau


I can’t see Lane filling any Aldi “special” reports though.


Calcutt should be ND, flat out.


Do we know if Sophie Walsh is presenting Nine News Sydney again tonight?

Because that would be a really good night of TV news for us Sydney/NSW-based Media Enthusiasts. Bathie on 10 at 5pm then Sophie (or in the case of Northern NSW, probably some combination of Jane, Sam, Kate & Tyson) on Nine at 6pm! :smiley:


Yes Sophie is presenting again tonight (Saturday) in Sydney.



I do wonder what Belinda Russell (My memory of her presenting a fill-in Sydney 6pm bulletin once or twice in Late 2013 or Early 2014 is correct, right?) thought about only getting to present the weather last night though…


The weeknight Sydney team reunited this week- Pete, Cam and Amber Sherlock on weather- for 2019.


Melbourne -

Corey Norris (sport) and Justine Conway (weather) presented from Melbourne Park this weekend.


Saturday (19.01.2019) - Sunday (20.01.2019): Samantha Heathwood is still going, presenting in Brisbane again this weekend. Jonathan Uptin is presenting sport live from the Australian Open, in Melbourne with Ebony Cavallaro on weather.


Night 20 of 21.


Monday -

Elizabeth Bryan is presenting Early News.


Clint Stanaway is presenting Melbourne sport from Melbourne Park again this week.


(21-25/1/2019) Andrew Lofthouse is presenting solo in Brisbane this week. Jonathan Uptin continues to present sport from Melbourne Park.


Presenters are mostly back to normal this week on the Gold Coast. First time with dual presenters for a couple of months. Still only on the SD channel and no live cross to Brisbane towards the end.


I get why Seven might have to do a SD/HD split for the Gold Coast News, but it seems rather pointless for Nine to do it when they also own NBN.


Chris Uhlmann has just tweeted that Lane Calcutt will be “missed by his colleagues at Nine” which suggests retirement.