Nine News Presenters and Reporters


Here is what Deb said on the matter of continuing 6pm along with her new Today commitments on 2GB:


Literally the last thing they will do is start mucking around with days off. The whole team needs to be there every morning for the next 6-12 months to give the revamp any chance of succeeding. I know Deb likes doing a bit of everything but at some point she has to make a commitment rather than spreading herself too thinly.

Personally I like the idea of Allison Langdon taking over the weekend bulletin (or maybe just Saturday initially with Deb on Friday). Deb could continue to be Pete’s main fill-in on weeknights and Mark Burrows would fill in on weekends when necessary.


I think they will give Pete the first choice on what nights he wants off as he is their Number 1 newsreader. As long as it fits in with Nine.


Thursday -

Jayne Azzopardi is presenting Morning & Afternoon News today.


Friday -

Alice Monfries is presenting Morning & Afternoon News today.


Allison Langdon presenting in Sydney tonight.


** SUPER LIKE!!! **


The above post would be my reaction…if Jayne or Sophie were presenting the 6pm bulletin! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Allison Langdon? While I certainly don’t dislike her presenting of Nine News Sydney (better than Mark Burrows’ newsreading for a start), at the same time I’ve never been amazed by it.


But let’s face it. She’s a more established face for a start compared to Jayne and Sophie (doing 60 Minutes as well as Weekend Today). Jayne and Sophie are almost there, not quite up to being as well known as Allison.

With Deb joining Today a well-known, high-profile presenter is better for this role compared to upcoming talents who have the potential to do well in the future.


Yeah, fair points I suppose.

Although I’d still argue that Jayne & Sophie have made themselves just a bit more familiar with Sydney 6pm news viewers in recent years than Allison, who has only returned to fill-in presenting over the past year or so.


I don’t think there is any doubt that Allison will return from maternity leave in April as Weekend Today co-host, Sydney Fri/Sat newsreader and weekday Today show fill in (and probably not do any 60 Minutes anymore).

For continuity reasons, Deb continues doing Fri/Sat nights until April so that they don’t have too many changes.

That’s my read on it.


Erin Molan was still doing sport with Belinda Russell on weather.


Tim is leaving Nine, which is a shame because he is one of the network’s most senior:

In fact, if he didn’t join Today, I think he would have the weekend sports gig in Sydney.

Maybe he didn’t want to be demoted.


Could they not just have redeployed him? Even if it was to Morning & Afternoon News Sports Presenter?


Livinia Nixon is returning from holidays on Monday, she will be presenting the weather in Melbourne from the Australian Open.


Brett McLeod is presenting in Melbourne this weekend with Alicia Muling presenting sport and Madeline Slattery is presenting weather.


Allison Langdon is anchoring in Sydney again tonight with Erin Molan on sport. Sophie Walsh is presenting Saturday weather.


…and while were still on the subject of Nine News Sydney, I believe it’s ten years today since Peter Overton officially became the lead presenter of the 6pm bulletin.

Just a pity the milestone hasn’t really been acknowledged on-air (unless I’ve missed something, which is quite possible) because I think loyal Nine News Sydney viewers would really appreciate that! :slight_smile:


Saturday (12.01.2019) - Sunday (13.01.2019): Samantha Heathwood is presenting in Brisbane again this weekend. Ebony Cavallaro is presenting the weather.


Cameron Williams is presenting Sydney Sport from Melbourne Park tonight…and presumably for the next two weeks.