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Friday -

Sophie Walsh is presenting weather in Sydney tonight.


The intro to the Sydney 6pm news tonight with Jayne Azzopardi had a different voiceover (ie. not Peter Harvey) “This is Nine News with Jayne Azzopardi”. They used to just have the Peter Harvey one cut to just “This is Nine News” with no mention of a presenter when there wasn’t one done for that presenter.

Is this a sign that the Peter Harvey intros have come to an end?


Never will happen in Sydney… unless there was a massive rebrand. Ben Fordham used to have the national VO when he filled in in 2016.

FYI, QLD uses a Peter Harvey VO saying " This is Nine News Queensland." The GC has one too.

I’m happy. Maybe @SydneyCityTV banging on constantly worked!


Don’t get too excited everyone. Maybe they will let Deborah have a week off and Mark will present all next week! :wink::joy:


Thanks @SydneyCityTV :joy:


I honestly don’t see the appeal in Jayne Azzopardi. She isn’t a terrible newsreader/presenter as such, but I don’t think she is as good as what she is made out to be. Her bad habit of smiling while reading the news is something that actually annoys me. It doesn’t come across as professional.


Agreed. I can’t get past the smiling.


I daresay the voiceover track used for Jayne tonight was the one recorded by Matthew O’Sullivan which has been used for Nine News Openers whenever Jayne has presented national bulletins in the past (thinking back to 2015/16).

If I’m not mistaken, we’re now at the point that the only Peter Harvey voiceover tracks which can really be used anymore are the ones for Peter Overton, Deborah Knight and maybe a generic “This is Nine News” announcement.

When it’s decided that Harves’ VOs should be phased out for good, I think it would be great to see Nine News Sydney approach Brian Henderson to do the “This is Nine News, with [PRESENTER]” for the 6pm bulletins - the fact he did those promos last year is obviously a sign that Hendo is (or at least was recently) still in good terms with the network. But if Hendo VOs aren’t an option, Matthew O’Sullivan would be fine.

Jayne & Sophie presenting a bulletin together…now that’s pretty good! :smiley:


I think thats a fantastic idea, as with all V/O’s they become a bit outdated so this would be something fresh.

If they decide to update the theme, graphics etc, I think it would be great to remove his V/O where ever they are used now as its a bit limited. Especially the QLD one which sounds just a bit unprofessional since there is no presenter names.

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I probably should’ve gotten to this earlier but Mark Burrows presenting on Sunday-Thursday for at least a couple of weeks is almost a certainty with Deborah Knight expected to do a stint of filling in on 2GB afternoons, isn’t it?

Presuming that’s the case, I hope we’ll get to see Jayne present Nine News Sydney bulletins on Friday/Saturday nights for at least a couple of weeks before normality returns in the weeks leading up to the start of the 2019 ratings season! :slight_smile:


Deborah’s already doing 2GB afternoons though.


Who did sport in Sydney tonight?


Rob Canning.


Not the best idea. Nothing against Hendo but his voice just doesn’t have that sense of authority in his voice anymore. His voice has been iconic for 40+ years but it isn’t really as strong as it was today. If Hendo was to somehow do a V/O for Nine News, the V/O probably won’t sound as good as one wishes.


I’m not sure if I entirely agreed with the idea of having Rob present Sydney sport while Cam (as the segment’s main presenter) was presenting A Current Affair, although I’d certainly prefer to see Rob Canning chosen as the presenter over Tim Gilbert or Neil Breen any day of the week.

Fair point I suppose (admittedly it may have been a better idea 5-10 years ago), but for someone who at the time was 86 he sounded OK in last year’s promos.


Just as Hitch does the presenter V/Os for the Melbourne presenters when he is absent, Overton should be doing them for the Sydney bulletin.


Brett McLeod presenting First at Five News and Melbourne News again this weekend.


Jayne Azzopardi presenting Sydney’s 6PM news tonight.


So looks like Sylvia Jeffreys new gig will be weekend newsreader in Sydney!