Nine News Presenters and Reporters


Wendy was working full time on Gold Coast news wasn’t she?


Yep, Mon-Fri.


Lizzie Pearl is presenting Early News this week.


Yes, up until earlier this year when Wendy dropped Fridays and Eva Milic would drive down to the GC.

Of course, you could offer Wendy weekends only…

Nice to have someone different. Lizzie did well for her first time behind the desk.


Monday 31 December -

Sophie Walsh is presenting Morning News this week.


Eva lives with her family on the Gold Coast.


Monday 31 December -

Alicia Loxley is presenting in Melbourne with Corey Norris presenting sport this week.

Samantha Heathwood is presenting in Brisbane for a few weeks.
Michael Atkinson presented sport and Nicole Rowles presented weather in Brisbane.


Tuesday 1 January -

Sophie Walsh is presenting Morning News & Afternoon News today.


Justine Conway returned from maternity leave on Monday and is presenting weather in Melbourne this week.


And did a great job in terrible conditions tonight atop a building with terrible wind.


Thursday (03.01.2019): Deborah Knight anchored in Sydney with Belinda Russell on weather. Tim Gilbert presented sport.


Not sure about everyone else but personally, I thought he looked somewhat Ray Hadley-esque in the suit he was wearing while presenting the first preview:


And is that a bad thing in your opinion?


I’m far from a fan of Ray Hadley, but certainly for reasons other than the way he dresses I can assure you of that!

As for Tim Gilbert, he’s a better presenter than Neil Breen but still quite average in my opinion. Others may disagree but personally I’d prefer to see Danika Mason presenting Sport on Nine News Sydney whenever Cam & Erin are unavailable.


All he would need to do is lose the tie and he’ll be spot on.


I find Danika’s pronunciation of some words to be strange, she seems to add a “em” or something to some words and it sounds slightly off-putting.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with Neil Breen’s reporting or reading style. I don’t get the dislike for the guy. He consistently breaks big sports stories alongside of Danny Weidler.


Friday -

Vanessa O’Hanlon is presenting Morning News.


Long awaited but here is a montage from Sunday:

N.B: I couldn’t help myself but to mock in a Peter Harvey V/O that used to be used for Wendy in Sydney, courtesy of @Zampakid


Jayne Azzopardi presenting in Sydney tonight.

@SydneyCityTV Happy? :wink:


Yes. Good to see Jayne finally given the opportunity to present Nine News Sydney, over 22 months since we last saw her present a 6pm bulletin!

I still think TCN need to use her presenting skills more often in 2019 if they want to prevent Jayne from potentially becoming another Sarah Harris (ie, a rival network’s star) at some point in the future though.