Nine News Presenters and Reporters


…and critically, there are (if I’m not mistaken) only two Nine News Queensland reporters who are native to the market out of the five you mentioned: Ebony Cavallaro & Tessa Hardy.

While both Ebony & Tessa are good reporters from the little I’ve seen of their work, at the same time I reckon QTQ needs more reporting talent which lives & breathes South East Queensland if they want to build the future of the news service. Otherwise they’re probably going to be in trouble if/when any (or all) of Rob Morrison, Mia Glover & Shannon Marshall-McCormack decided to move to Sydney at some point in the future!

Again, it probably should be stressed that I’d be quite happy if Rob, Mia & Shannon were to enjoy a long career of reporting for Nine News Queensland. But knowing the amount of QTQ turned TCN talent there’s been in recent years (Davina, Sophie & Zara instantly come to mind), you’d have to imagine that the Willoughby newsroom would eyeing some of the reporters currently in Queensland with ties to Sydney as potential future talent for our market because let’s face facts here: TCN will probably need successors for senior reporters like Mark Burrows and Damian Ryan at some point in the not overly distant future. Of course that’s not to say I definitely think Burrows & Ryan will retire in the next year or two, but I do think the possibility of that happening isn’t as distant as it may have been ten or even five years ago!


If I was TCN, I wouldn’t want any of QTQ’s reporters. Maybe Wendy Kingston but that is about it.


Davina Smith on weather tonight.


Nothing wrong with hiring talented juniors to bolster your news team. They are the future of newsroom if you mentor and nurture them. 9 News Sydney is the perfect example of this.

However, QTQ have done the opposite. Their longest serving reporter is Ebony Cavallaro who’s been there 10 years.


Was Ebony raised interstate? Her mum lives elsewhere?


Well if that’s the case, I stand corrected! :slight_smile:


Hi there everyone!

I was just wondering, do the Nine Reporters, Airly & Sophie Walsh sisters? Or do they just have the same sirname! Thanks heaps! :slight_smile:

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John Hudson,
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I am sure this has been covered before and I do not believe they are sisters.


I believe Airlie is actually Canadian as well?


Brett McLeod is presenting First at Five News /6pm Melbourne again this weekend with Alicia Muling presenting sport.


Saturday -

Mark Burrows presenting in Sydney with Rob Canning presenting sport and Sophie Walsh is presenting weather tonight.

Rob also presented sport last night (Friday).


Saturday (29.12.2018) - Sunday (30.12.2018): Wendy Kingston is anchoring in Brisbane this weekend. Ebony Cavallaro is presenting the weather.


Update for Brisbane’s bulletin.


Is tonight Wendy’s first time presenting a weekend bulletin in Brisbane?
I really miss watching her presenting national bulletins.


Yes it is her first time presenting the 6pm bulletin. Personally, I would prefer her to be Jono’s main relief on weekends over Sam or Aislin.


Don’t shoot me down for this - but I would love to see Peter Overton have a crack at TODAY. Peter and Georgie…even if it was just for a week! I reckon they’d gel. But I know, Pete would never leave 6pm…


Wendy Kingston should join Jonathan Uptin on the weekend news in Brisbane and also continue to do her part time reading of the afternoon news.


Sunday (30.12.2018) - Wednesday (02.01.2019): Deborah Knight is anchoring in Sydney again this week. Erin Molan is presenting sport and Belinda Russell is on weather.


Very confident in assuming those 3 are presenting together all 5 days.



Wendy was fantastic this weekend but I don’t think she wants to work more than 4 days a week. Plus, I think they would give it to Alison Ariotti (if she wanted it) over Wendy, unfortunately.