Nine News Presenters and Reporters


You are completely misinterpreting what I am saying because I didn’t say he isn’t successful (the ratings can do that for me) and his journalistic skills are fantastic. I’m saying that as a presenter he is not the greatest compared to what has been around. I don’t seem to see what is so great about him other than the fact that he is winning the ratings and thats probably only because the alternative being offered at Seven is crap.

Just because he’s winning the ratings and I am saying something negative about your beloved Nine News Sydney doesn’t mean a bit of observational criticism is off limits.


I will say there is nobody better than Overton to handle rolling, breaking news coverage in the Sydney market right now. Michael Usher has the potential to surpass him with a few more years of consistent presenting experience. He still seems a little uneasy at times but he’d be a great choice to lead Seven’s news team should they require him to step up now.


Age tends to give the older male presenters that “Walter Cronkite” type aura more easily. If Peter Overton is still the main newsreader for Nine Sydney in another 10 years (and there’s no reason why not), by which he’ll be about 60 years old, then I daresay we’ll be talking about him the in same league as Ian Ross, Roger Climpson or Ross Symonds and maybe even Hendo.


Wednesday - Friday :

Alicia Loxley is presenting 6pm News in Melbourne.

Deb Knight presenting in Sydney .


Yep, Radiohead’s observation is spot on!

I wouldn’t exactly say that Nine News Sydney is “beloved” by yours truly at the moment (in the past, maybe) but I’ll take your point on board.


Maybe the best way to put this is if Peter Overton was to jump ship to Seven at 6PM or 10 for that matter I wouldn’t see ratings going with him. I could see the ratings probably staying with Nine and the other networks would have to build the audience up again to bring him to success.

But yes, I do agree with @Radiohead’s comment and think that Peter will probably have the same effect as the others when he ages.


Wednesday (26.12.2018): Samantha Heathwood is presenting in Brisbane tonight. Michael Atkinson is presenting sport with Nicole Rowles on the weather.


I think the last time we saw a positive correlation was with David Johnston moving from 10 to 7, unless I’m mistaken in that HSV didn’t immediately start clawing up the ratings.


I reckon Peter Overton is a strong enough presenter to bring an audience to a rival network, but it’s highly unlikely to ever happen.

He’s been quite loyal to Nine over the years and with having the positions as the 60 Minutes “Mailbag” segment presenter, an occasional reporter for the show along with often anchoring major news coverage for Nine on a national basis (with Karl on the nose, surely most expect to see Peter Overton as the main face of Nine’s 2019 NSW & Federal Election coverage?), I honestly couldn’t see Pete defecting. Ten couldn’t offer Pete a position that’s equal to or better than what he’s getting at Nine, while Seven arguably already have a presenter which should be their Peter Overton - his name is Michael Usher.

I was thinking more when former National Nine News presenter Ian Ross joined Seven News Sydney towards the end of 2003.


Wednesday - Friday :

Corey Norris presenting sport and Madeline Slattery presenting weather in Melbourne.


See, I didn’t count him because I thought he wasn’t at the weekday 6pm chair - he’s had weekends up until when he got that cross-town promotion.



Does anyone have something from Sydney last night? @Zampakid @ScreenTower


Boxing Day-

Will McDonald is presenting in Adelaide with Tom Rehn presenting sport


The weekend team filling in for the weekday team, Chelsea Carey away today from weather duties. Did weather on Monday night.


He’s not worried, because he clearly has work up his sleeve. So let the News Ltd oxygen thieves keep going.



Thursday (27.12.2018)- Friday (28.12.2018): Andrew Lofthouse is presenting in Brisbane with Nicole Rowles on the weather.

Michael Atkinson is presenting Thursday sport.


QTQ’s bulletin, what was Paris Martin dressed in for Woodford? Usual TV journo attire or something in the theme of her story, Woodford Folk Festival?


Thursday & Friday -

Lara Vella presented Early News.


Mark Burrows presenting in Sydney tonight.