Nine News Presenters and Reporters


We all appreciate inside information and understand the risk taken by sharing it here, but if it’s just going to be a pissing contest then what’s the point? You’re not the authority on ideas, speculation and criticism by members here. We are a fan group of Australian media. You seem to be having a hard time getting used to that.


it’s clear now you’re a graphics input person at Nine News - the spelling mistakes give it away :stuck_out_tongue:


Christmas Day -

Sophie Walsh is presenting in Sydney.

with Danika Mason presenting sport.
Sophie also read the weather forecast.

Dougal Beatty is presenting in Melbourne

with Alicia Muling presenting sport and Madeline Slattery presenting weather.


Tuesday (25.12.2018): Adam Hegarty is presenting in Brisbane tonight. Michael Atkinson presented sport with Nicole Rowles on the weather.

Great choice. Looks like they like to give (force) someone different the opportunity every year.


Sophie’s presenting has improved dramatically since her move from Brisbane… I guess she doesn’t have to scream down the autocue as that seems to be the trend at QTQ.


Will McDonald presenting in Adelaide


Now @SydneyCityTV will be happy.


I thought she was quite good tonight.

Though I would have been equally happy to see Mark Burrows present too. Just glad Nine didn’t use Ben Fordham, who is associated more with ACA than Nine News.


Agreed. Sophie did a better job than what Mark Burrows would have done tonight.


Sophie Walsh would probably do pretty well as the 3rd in line presenter. She’s a familiar face and has a sense of presence about her, something that Mark Burrows lack.


Boxing Day -

Vanessa O’Hanlon is presenting Morning and Afternoon News.

Edit -
Vanessa is presenting all week.


If Sylvia goes back to general News reporting/presenting no doubt she will probably be the 3rd in line presenter here in Sydney until her contract expires I guess.


No way would Nine have a third in line presenter who is just seeing out their contract.


OK, I’m going to say it.

For the first time in five years, Nine News Sydney had two high quality presenters for the Christmas Day bulletin with Sophie Walsh (news & RVO weather) and Danika Mason on sport. Hopefully we’ll see both used as fill-ins more often in 2019! :slight_smile:


On the topic of Sydney presenters. @SydneyCityTV will probably dispute this one but I’m just going to say that I don’t even think Peter Overton is an overly great presenter as everyone makes him out to be. He is just the best Sydney has at the moment from Monday - Thursday.


No matter how one spins it, it is.

Appreciate your insights but this forum isn’t dictated by people working in the industry telling people what to say or not to say.


You probably need to be a Sydneysider or at the very least, have strong ties to the market to truly understand what makes a great Sydney TV newsreader. Peter Overton has IMO, well and truly earned his position as the lead presenter of Nine News Sydney because Pete’s career at the network (and indeed, the media as a whole) is one he started in at a lower position before gradually moving up to the higher profile roles and ultimately, one of the most coveted positions in Australian television.

Personally I’d say that Perth favourites like Rick & Sue or Narelda Jacobs are OK newsreaders but nothing overly amazing. But again, maybe you need to be a Perth/WA resident to understand their appeal.


I’m not saying he doesn’t deserve his position, regardless of his career highlights etc he isn’t the best of the best he is just all they have at the moment and will continue to be for a while because there is no one else around.

I would say Brian Henderson, Ian Ross or Ross Symonds are far better than him (not because they are older) but maybe thats just a sign that times are changing.


He has certainly grown into the role over time and has the reporting experience to allow him to be the respected face of the bulletin but I tend to agree that, as a newsreader, there are people more at ease and natural in the role than Overton. I thought he was the wrong choice when Nine appointed him but I’ll watch him over Ferguson any day. Nine would be silly to remove him now that he has settled into the role and the audience accepts him.

I still find Overton’s style a little too intense at times and prefer the more conversational tone of presenters like Ian Ross, Chris Bath, Deb Knight, Peter Jennings and Ron Wilson who can read a script without stumbling over their words so much or appear to be forcing their words to have more of an impact than what is really required.


I’d love to hear you say that directly to Peter Overton or indeed, to Darren Wick and/or Simon Hobbs.

Of course you’re perfectly entitled to hold your own opinion, but to me it almost sounds like you’re saying that as if Peter Overton has not been a successful presenter for Nine News Sydney. But if he wasn’t “the best of the best” in the eyes of Sydneysiders (or at least those with OzTam boxes), I very strongly doubt the bulletin would’ve been #1 for eight ratings years in a row.

You can’t compare the Sydney media landscape we have currently to the one we had when those newsreaders were at the peak of their popularity (although I’d probably say that Ross Symonds is more comparable to Mark Ferguson, except Symonds had a less annoying voice).

Right now, I’d probably say that the four most popular ever newsreaders in this market were/are Brian Henderson, Roger Climpson, Ian Ross and yes, Peter Overton. Of course there have been other high quality Sydney newsreaders over the years, but those four set the standards (and in Overton’s case, is still setting the standards) that everyone else in the market should be aspiring to.

We can at least agree with this.