Nine News Presenters and Reporters


Lol SCTV has a large dislike for Amber so I wouldn’t suggest her!


Who did it in 15 16 and 17?


Yeah…I suppose we’ll give that one a “Pass” since it was pre-Jacketgate but personally I’m not a fan of hers anymore for obvious reasons!

On a completely different note, surely I can’t be the only one here who today has been thinking about Peter Harvey (RIP :cry:)? Hard to believe it’s now been six years since what would turn out to be his final “Santa’s Journey” reports for Today & Nine News Sydney went to air!

Even though Mike Dalton has been great fun in recent years and will no doubt do a terrific “Santa’s Journey” report for the children of Sydney on Nine News tonight (which of course I’ll make sure to tune in for), I still miss seeing Harves’ reports on TV at this time of year.

2015: Peter Stefanovic
2016: Ben Fordham
2017: Mark Burrows

Wendy Kingston presented Sydney’s Christmas Eve/Day bulletins in 2011, not sure about 2010 & 2012 but I’d guess that it might’ve been Alison Langdon (who presented on New Years Eve that year) and Sarah Harris respectively.

Personally I hope either Jayne Azzopardi (nearly 22 months since her last one, she’s probably due for another fill-in stint on a Sydney 6pm bulletin) or Sophie Walsh will get a go this year but I’m prepared to be disappointed.


And that’s the closest we will see to regional news having a proper set :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I think it will be either Mark Burrows or Sophie Walsh


From memory, I think Peter Harvey presented that bulletin.


Monday 24 December -

Vanessa O’Hanlon is presenting Afternoon News.


I don’t quite get some of the dislike for her in the Nine News regional thread.

I saw her during the 11:30am bulletin today and I thought she was quite reasonable.


Scrap that, more likely to be Belinda Russell now as she’s presenting weather this week. Sophie was just doing last night.

Also regarding Vanessa O’Hanlon, I think she is quite good. Is she also doing the regional news?


I don’t see the regionals but from what I saw today, Vanessa has improved immensely at news reading from when she last did the early news.

Maybe Vanessa? Or Alice Monfries. I think it will be Mark though.


I don’t know if dislike is the right word to describe Media Spy’s opinion of Vanessa O’Hanlon. I think Media Spy was more disappointed that she was chosen to lead the Southern NSW/ACT regional bulletins over the more familiar (especially to the key Illawarra & Canberra sub-markets) Danielle Post.

Nine had the right idea for regional Queensland by bringing in Samantha Heathwood, Paul Taylor and Paul Murphy - all three who would’ve been (somewhat) familiar to the market via their history at WIN News.

Surely Nine would let all three 2nd in-line presenters take Christmas Day off?


Monday 24 December -

Brett McLeod is presenting in Melbourne tonight.


That’s your personal opinion.

Personally I think Vanessa is an OK newsreader but in choosing a lead presenter for the Southern NSW/ACT editions, I would’ve gone for a presenter who’s more familiar to the market. As I said above, the Regional QLD and to a lesser extent, the Victorian editions had the right idea.

That’s a bit harsh.

Personally I’ll give Nine News (and all news services) praise whenever I feel it’s warranted, but surely it’s also fair to point out the elements which can and should be improved on?

It’s to my understanding that Danielle Post was the main presenter of WIN News Canberra between 2010-13 and prior to that, was a reporter and maybe an occasional fill-in presenter for the Illawarra edition.

Now if I know that as a predominately Sydney-based media follower, then surely the name Danielle Post wouldn’t be one that’s completely unknown to Canberra/Illawarra residents?


You always seem to have an axe to grind, don’t you. Just because @SydneyCityTV has an opinion that you don’t agree with, doesn’t mean that he is in the wrong.

Also, speaking as someone who lives in a Nine News Regional viewing area, I very much doubt that the average person you speak to on the street would know who Vanessa O’Hanlon is. Terrestrial TV isn’t even the main way of consuming the news anymore. In fact, I would say that most people wouldn’t know who the newsreader of a second-rate news service is.


If you’re trying to threaten or scare me… Please don’t. I was clearly expressing a valid opinion from @SouthCoastTV … you can’t tell me what I’m thinking from liking a post. + I think i’m aloud to have an opinion. I wouldn’t be cutting any ties with anyone.


@HarbourSideTv has done nothing wrong by liking a post… Don’t try to intimidate any of the kids here with your so called friendly career advice because you work in the industry.


He is also presenting live from Carols by Candlelight



Good weather forecast for tomorrow


Monday (24.12.2018): Deborah Knight is anchoring in Sydney tonight with Belinda Russell on weather. Rob Canning presented sport.


Monday (24.12.2018): Andrew Lofthouse is anchoring solo in Brisbane tonight. Michael Atkinson presented sport with Nicole Rowles on the weather.