Nine News Presenters and Reporters


I was talking about sport! Behind Cam.


Is this the first time a SMH/The Age reporter has done a report or live cross for Nine News since the merger?


Sunday (23.12.2018): Deborah Knight is anchoring in Sydney. Erin Molan is presenting sport.


Sunday -
Sophie Walsh presenting weather in Sydney.


At the end of Annette Sharp’s story about Today is the speculation that Karl Stefanovic could find himself back as the US correspondent in Los Angeles with Lizzie Pearl returning to Sydney.


Well Sharp has got her facts wrong again Lizzie Pearl is returning to Sydney because Alexis Daish replaced her in the US earlier this month.

US Correspondent role for Karl would be good with him away from the media frenzy that surrounds him here but the stumbling block for him would be being away from his children.


Peter Stefanovic just filed a report on Nine News Sydney, I thought he’s already left? Unless he’s contracted until 31/12…:face_with_monocle:


I reckon Karl should replace Rob Penfold as the US Bureau Chief, Rob is way past his due date.


What was it about? Could have been in the file.

I suggested this about 6 months ago, long before he left Today.


I think Robert Penfold is still doing a fine job. With most of the overseas correspondents on commercial TV typically being fresh faced reporters, it’s good that Nine has some seniority in their US bureau.

Personally, I wouldn’t be overly thrilled if Karl Stefanovic was to become Nine’s chief reporter when Rob retires.


Aislin Kriukelis is now on maternity leave.


End of Brisbane bulletin tonight


Monday 24 December -

Lara Vella presenting Early News.


Perth reporter Jacquelin Robson is reporting from Indonesia.


Vanessa O’Hanlen presenting Morning News.



It’s turned into a Nine regional double act with Mike Lorigan presenting sport!


If only Nine Morning News had a weather presenter. Gavin Morris could have joined them! :stuck_out_tongue:


With this programming note from 2GB/MRN in mind…

It’s seems quite likely that Mark Burrows will be presenting the Sunday-Thursday editions of Nine News Sydney for the first few weeks of January, before Peter Overton returns for 2019 on/around January 20.

As for Christmas Day, fingers crossed that Sydney’s 6pm news will have it’s first decent presenter of the December 25 bulletin since Amelia Adams in 2013!


Didn’t think Amber Sherlock was too bad in 2014.