Nine News Presenters and Reporters


I’ve repeatedly said in the past that Mark Burrows’ reporting is decent, just not his presenting! Before you ask, I’m also reasonably confident that he’s a decent enough person off-camera.

The only reason I brought Mark up again is because I felt the need to compare someone with the main focus of that post, Peter Stefanovic.


Why do we need to compare Peter to anyone though?


I imagine he will be be swooped on, if not already signed a dotted line…


Really? It would surprise me to see him anywhere within the next year.

Surely the Stefanovic name is tainted now.


I didn’t realise that we weren’t allowed to compare the quality of reporters (or presenters) on this forum. My apologies!

Now there’s something I can agree with. If Seven or Ten want to poach talent for their news/current affairs department from Nine’s, there are many who deserve to be chosen ahead of either Stefanovic brother.

With the way things are going at the moment, I’d be extremely surprised if Karl was still on our screens in 2020.


With Peter Hitchener on holidays, Clint Stanaway has taken over the weekly guest spot on 3AW afternoons on Tuesdays.


Kevin Perry brings up a very valid point.

Can they really remove Karl before This Time Next Year has completed production?

He could be gone as soon as it’s aired?


I Remember watching her Hosting Saturday Disney and Now You See It on Seven, Had Some Glimpse of National Fame too.


Jo Hall took over Hitch’s weekly spot but she also gone on holidays this week.


He could always take his wife’s name and become Peter Jeffrey’s? :man_shrugging:t3:


I was just scrolling through the Sydney Twitter feed, and story after story was reported by great journalists- Tim Davies, Tiffany Genders, Julie Snook, Chris O’Keefe, Alexis Daish, Damian Ryan, Kelly Fedor and Gabrielle Boyle.

Rather refreshing to what I see here in Queensland.


Again, the question must be asked: How come Nine seems to be able to produce (for the most part) really good news services for Sydney & Melbourne but aside from a few key presenters & reporters, gets it oh so wrong in Queensland? :confused:

A bit off topic but for the “good things to come out of the Nine/Fairfax merger” category, Chris O’Keefe appeared to join forces with Kate McClymont for The Sydney Morning Herald’s coverage of ICAC raiding the NSW Labor Party headquarters.

No complaints there, both are outstanding political journalists on the Macquarie Street round and personally I think it’d be great to see them collaborate more in the future.


Im going to the filming of that next February.


Wednesday -

Davina Smith is back presenting Morning and Afternoon News today.


Personally, I would ship Karl over to the US Bureau and have him be Robert Penfold’s understudy until the latter retires. That way he is out of the eye of the gossip mags, reducing the amount of negative publicity, and he can do what he does best- reporting the news.

He is also a high-profile name that can get Nine interviews and win awards.


17 - 21/12/2018:
Michael Genovese is presenting in Perth this week.


I always thought that Genovese was an average anchor. But compare him to Thompson and he is suddenly so much better!


Sums up of the Brisbane newsroom at the moment; inexperienced.


Thursday (20.12.2018): Lara Vella presented the Early News yesterday.


The Daily Telegraph’s Chief Court Reporter Emma Partridge will be the new Senior Crime Editor (Taking up the position Simon Bouda left behind when he returned to ACA? Either way, thank goodness we aren’t loosing Kelly Fedor!) for Nine News Sydney in 2019:

A very classy (NOT!) response from her soon to be rival TV reporter…