Nine News Presenters and Reporters


Alicia Muling is presenting sport on Five At Five News/Melbourne News again this weekend.



Belinda Russell is presenting Sydney’s weather from Campbelltown.

Nine News Content and Appearance

Saturday (01.12.2018): Ebony Cavallaro is presenting Brisbane’s weather.

Michael Atkinson is still presenting sport.


You said it in your last post.,
Leave Britn… I mean Mark Alone!


Yep certainly getting real old with the bagging of particular Nine presenters. No one is perfect and no one is forcing you to watch. Simply don’t.


Louise is originally from Perth, right?

If so, good to know that she’s got a position in her home market! :slight_smile:

…which is what I did tonight. I only checked out the end of the bulletin at/around five to 7 just to see what the on-location presentation of the forecast was like (as per a post on this forum) and that’s it.

It might come as a shock to many people on Media Spy, but I’ll often watch Nine News Sydney (or another station’s news service) just to see a particular report I’m interested in!


Peter Overton is still presenting.


Sunday -

Belinda Russell presented weather in Sydney.


Sunday (02.12.2018): Ebony Cavallaro is presenting Brisbane’s weather again tonight.

Jono presented sport in addition to news.


Monday -
Lara Vella is presenting Early News.

Sophie Walsh is presenting Morning News and Nine News Now.

With Mark Burrows presenting Sydney Afternoon News.


Tony Jones is presenting in Melbourne with Clint Stanaway presenting sport and Madeline Slattery presenting the weather this week.


Sophie Walsh is presenting Sydney’s weather tonight.


It is no shock at all that you watch Nine News Sydney. Do you have visitor’s rights to Willoughby yet? :smiley:


Tony Jones presenting Nien News Melbourne Tonight.


Monday (03.12.2018) - Friday (07.12.2018) Melissa Downes is anchoring solo in Brisbane. Sofie Formica is presenting the weather.


As mentioned above. Also ‘Nine’ news, not Nien news


Good to hear that Sophie will (apparently) present the weather in a bulletin alongside Pete & Cam.

I’ve had online interactions with a few at TCN and of course saw Dalts at the Show back in March, but haven’t actually visited Willoughby yet.


How long has Sofie been at Nine?


She joined from today:


Sofie looked a bit uncomfortable being buffeted by wind at Southbank.