Nine News Presenters and Reporters


Perhaps Today needs to start a regular segment featuring “Chanel 9” talent reading out their fan mail. I thought the armchair critics on this forum were tough.



Isn’t Chanel 9 a cologne?


Well, at least we know two people who’ve (probably) put their name on the “Do Not Admit Entry” list at TCN Security!


At least Christine and Alan had the guts to send him a letter and put their name to it rather than the anonymous whining here and on social media.


Geez you don’t see Ross get as much stick for using an umbrella inside a studio!! It’s not even raining!! You need to dumb down your money segments Nine! I can’t seem to trust you when you wave an umbrella!


Mark Burrows is presenting tonight’s Sydney 6pm bulletin.

I’d presume that Peter Overton’s final bulletin for the year was last night (although sadly no on-air mentions if so) and that Deborah Knight will probably be filling in for a few weeks from Sunday.


Tonight is Peter Hitchener’s last night presenting in Melbourne for 2018 with Hitch heading off on a well deserved holiday.


With Neil Breen presenting sport.


Judging by the sound of things, poor quality presenters all round on Nine News Sydney this evening! :confused:


Journalists read this forum. Is it really necessary to have comments like these?


Criticism is fine as long as it’s constructive and not inappropriate. I’m sorry, but if a Journalist can’t handle any form of criticism, they shouldn’t be in the industry.


But to say “poor quality presenters” isn’t constructive at all.

Point taken though.


I agree.

Well that’s my personal opinion, which you can agree or disagree with as you wish.

I’ll spare everyone a repeat of what I think about Mark Burrows’ newsreading. But whenever Cam & Erin are unavailable, surely Rob Canning, Julie Snook or Danika Mason would be a better fill-in Sports presenter than Neil Breen?


I think Rob Canning is up in Brisbane tonight for the Horne vs Mundine boxing match, so he wouldn’t have been available. I do agree with what you’re saying though.


Almost anyone would be better than Breen, surely.


From Monday the show will be hosted by Deborah Knight and Adelaide based newsreader Brenton Ragless

Double shift for Deb? Or will Peter Overton be sticking around for the next couple weeks. OR will we be seeing the like of Allison Langdon, etc present the weekday bulletin?


Who sends letters anymore? I bet they write to the editor of newspapers too :roll_eyes:


Melbourne crime reporter Alexis Daish had a nice farewell from some friends from Victoria Police this week.


She had been a crime reporter for three and a half years and is now heading to America joining Nine’s US Bureau replacing Lizzie Pearl.


Saturday -

Mark Burrows presenting in Sydney again tonight.

Brett McLeod is presenting First At Five News and 6pm in Melbourne this weekend.


Lily Greer from WIN News Toowoomba now reporting in Darwin, replacing Louise Rennie (now in Perth)