Nine News Presenters and Reporters


Lizzie Pearl is coming back.


Madeline Slattery is presenting weather in Melbourne this week.


Clint Stanaway still presenting sport in Melbourne… odd how Tony Jones is not present despite presenting the coverage on Saturday night… Still on holiday then perhaps?


Peter Hitchener usually goes on holidays from the start of December. I expect Tony Jones will start filling in from next week (then will probably work right through to the Australian Open).


It might also be Peter Overton’s final week of newsreading for 2018 here in Sydney? He finished at the end of November last year, but has continued on into the 1st week of December in the past.

Either way, here’s hoping that Nine go all out with a big “Peter Overton/Hitchener: The newsreader Sydney/Melbourne has trusted for 10/20 years” promotional campaign to kick off 2019!

Nine News Content and Appearance

Where is Corey Norris?

With the Aus Open, that means that there is less of him anchoring Melbourne’s news and more of Alicia.


Corey is currently on paternity leave, as his wife recently gave birth to twins.


I agree Tony will take over from Hitch next week but he will probably have the week from Christmas to New Years off.


Monday -

Erin Molan presented sport in Sydney.


Tuesday (27.11.2018) - Thursday (29.11.2018): Andrew Lofthouse is anchoring the Brisbane bulletin live from Deepwater, Central QLD on the Bushfire Emergency. Melissa Downes is reading the rest of the day’s news in studio.



Sam Squires presenting sport on the morning news. Glad to see TCN using her hopefully she’ll fill in over summer on Nine News Sydney.


Isn’t she only a recent arrival to Sydney?

You’d think other more familiar faces to Sydney viewers will get exposure on the Sydney 6pm news over summer ahead of her.


Agreed. I’d be picking Danika Mason before Sam Squires to be a fill-in Sports presenter here in Sydney over the Summer.


Standing presentation from Overton tonight for the first ten minutes of the bulletin.

Andrew Lofthouse appearing on the Sydney bulletin in a clumsy live cross from the Queensland fires.


Wednesday -

Belinda Russell presented weather in Sydney.



One would imagine that tonight will probably be Peter Overton’s final bulletin for 2018, with tomorrow night (which incidentally, will probably also mark 20 years since the first bulletin Hitch presented after succeeding Brian Naylor) likely to be Peter Hitchener’s last for the year?

If Lizzie Pearl is expected to return home as per @TheMoreYouKnow, would I be right by presuming there’ll be some room for her to return to Nine News Sydney? I get that Alice Monfries might return to Adelaide after Kate Creedon returns from maternity leave, but what about the gap Elise Baker has left behind - has that been filled yet?

While I’m still talking about Nine News Sydney reporters, I wonder how Chris O’Keefe has been going lately? Haven’t seen reports from him in a fair few weeks now. Hopefully COK hasn’t left Nine, because he’s just about one of the best journalists the Macquarie Street round has to offer!


Ross Greenwood sure loves a prop and whiz bang graphics to aid his presentation of dry finance reports:


Yeah, I noticed the computer generated rain during Greenwood’s report last night.

Is Ross trying his best to compete with Mike Dalton or something? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

EDIT: Oh and how can I forget, they travelled quite a distance for tonight’s PTC in the Porsche Boxter S as well! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: