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It was coming from the regional news studio.


Makes sense, completely forgot about that. Cheers


Rumours in the Fairfax-owned (soon to be Nine owned) Sun Herald that the Parrot is getting the chop from 2GB, with Ray Hadley moving to Breakfast and Deb Knight likely to do Mornings.


If FitzSimons is right for once, what a truly great thing it would be to see the end of that…individual. (If they’d punt Hadley as well it would be even better.)

Isn’t Deb Knight’s workload insane enough, though?


Alan Jones?

If so that’s excellent, Hadley should also go.

Deb Knight though, should be commended for working a lot but that is a massive workload if true.


Whilst she does incredibly well filling-in on Today, Today Extra, ABC Sydney Radio (last year- probably stopped because of what the CEO said about Lisa Wilkinson), 2GB Mornings and Afternoons, Nine News Sydney Sunday-Thursday and occasionally ACA, she only has a permanent position as Sydney’s news anchor Friday and Saturday nights.

Thus, if offered, I have little doubt that she wouldn’t take the new radio gig (even if it meant working sixdays). She has an incredible work ethic and does a fabulous job at whatever she does. The only downside is that she will likely give up a lot of her substituting; a masive loss for Today.


Well, that’s what I meant - she takes on an insane workload as it is without adding a permanent radio gig to the list. Even her work ethic, outstanding as it is, must have limits.

Having said that, she would of course represent an indescribably massive upgrade on what’s there at the moment (but that’s another matter altogether).


Sam suits that set more more then that regional one. Fantastic anchor


She has been doing filling in on radio for many years it was always going to lead to her being offered a permanent position eventually.She has mentioned many times over the years on her social media how much she loves working on radio plus not having to worry about hair and make-up.
It’s her personal choice not ours lots of people in the media work very long hours for financial gain.


I didn’t say or imply otherwise. I’m thinking more along the lines of her burning the candle at both ends and several places in the middle, not criticising her or saying she should only do one thing at a time.


Alicia Loxley has been hosting coverage of Women’s Cricket on 9Gem.


Amber should have been on Friday night so that there were not so many unfamiliar faces.

She rated better than I thought; only about 45,000 behind Kay (no worse than Jono). While Sam is a good reader, I think Wendy Kingston should be bumped up to the main fill-in for weekends.

Jono is back tonight BTW.


Nine News GTV Melbourne Court Reporter - Alexis Daish will become the US correspondent for the Nine Network. According the her instagram this will be her last week at GTV.


Hmm. Sounds like either Charles Croucher or Lizzie Pearl coming back, or Robert Penfold is retiring (or maybe they just want a 4th correspondent).


Wonder if this could foreshadow 2GB moving in with TCN at North Sydney in 2020. Shouldn’t take up too much space and the radio studios could be used for recording podcasts as well.


Just a thought bubble, but they might as well be trying something like the AM show on Three in NZ. Integrate TV and radio together, and have Deb host that along with someone like David Campbell. I’d like to see a network have a go at that kind of format, coupled with some excellent presenters.


Deb won’t be doing breakfast though, Ray Hadley will fill that slot for many, many years to come.

Would be a good concept if they ever launched a news channel.


Would it be appropriate to host a show like that on radio, where you heavily have to form and state opinions, and then read the news on TV.

I know Ben Fordham has done it on a fill in basis and Deb has as well, but has anyone done this on a permanent basis?


Obviously not Today but maybe rebrand Today Extra into something new and integrate that into a multi-platform program (if Deb was to do Mornings as rumoured and incorporate this into TV as well).


Monday -

Gemma Gunning is presenting Early News.

Sophie Walsh is presenting Morning News & Sydney Afternoon News.