Nine News Presenters and Reporters


Taking the night off? Filming promos?


Deb was at the Walkleys in Brisbane last night. Is it possible that her flight was delayed or cancelled due to the bad weather in Sydney, causing her to miss tonight’s bulletin?


Apparently it’s Deb’s birthday today so she might’ve had a day off for that.


I still don’t think you could rule Jo out. A few years ago it was argued that she wouldn’t because she left weekends to spend more time with family but with the appointment of anchor of the Local News, rules that out. She seems like the natural (underdog) successor:

Remember, last summer was the first time Alicia filled in for Pete; with Nine usually opting for Brett or Tony- there must have been a reason. In saying that, if Alicia moved to weeknights, there is no one competitive to go against Mike Amor on Seven.


Livinia Nixon is filming in India for Getaway over the next 3 weeks.


Sophie Walsh did weather in Sydney tonight. Team of fill-ins starting to feeling like summer!


Hitch: I won’t be changing anything for a long time!


Back to earlier discussion about Hitch he loves his job and colleagues it’s his life .He ain’t going anywhere…


Told ya. I reckon at least another 3 year extension. He’d probably do 5 again in all honesty.


Saturday- Deb Knight is presenting the 5pm news


They are doing it from Sydney this afternoon. Interesting.


not particuarly when Federal Election coverage has begun in Melbourne.


Ahhh i forgot the Victorian Election was on today. Bugger!


With Erin Molan presenting sport.


Saturday (24.11 2018): Samantha Heathwood is presenting in Brisbane tonighy with Michael Atkinson on sport.


Saturday -
Peter Hitchener presented Melbourne bulletin, he also read the weather forecast tonight.

Alicia Muling is presenting sport in Melbourne.



Saturday -

Amber Sherlock presented the weather in Sydney tonight.


Thank goodness Deborah Knight was back on board tonight, because a Nine News Sydney bulletin featuring both Mark Burrows & Amber Sherlock would’ve been the stuff of nightmares! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

And before you react, I wasn’t being entirely serious with that comment! :wink:


I think Hitchener presented from the updates studio/broom cupboard, with the main set used for election coverage