Nine News Presenters and Reporters


II’d be expecting Alicia.

She’ll be on maternity leave for most of next year, will do another year on weekends and will then take over.

Hugh Nailon is a big fan.


I don’t think this will happen (Mike Amor has been quite loyal to Seven over the years, hasn’t he?) but imagine if Nine actually did pick him up to succeed Peter Hitchener - it’d make Seven News Melbourne look even more of an absolute shambles than it already has been in recent years when it comes to their presenters/reporters!

Compared to 20 or even 10 years ago, I don’t think Nine Melbourne having a female presenter as their main choice for the 6pm news sounds completely unrealistic anymore. So with that in mind, I could easily imagine Alicia Loxley presenting GTV’s 6pm bulletin for a decade or two if she were to succeed Peter Hitchener when the time comes.

Of course one could’ve argued in the past that Nine should let Jo Hall succeed Hitch, but let’s be realistic here: How many people would’ve really imagined that we’d still see Pete reading Nine’s Melbourne 6pm news in 2018 when he succeeded Brian Naylor two decades ago?!


The problem with Jo is that she has a bit of the Jennifer Hansens about her - more interested these days in her profile and getting photographed for social pages and social media than anything else. And no, that’s not sexist. You don’t see Jennifer Keyte all over Instagram posing with Insta-celebs who are 30 years younger than her.


Why wouldn’t he? I can’t see him (or anyone) turning down a premium weeknight news anchor position in Melbourne. At the moment Seven are grooming him to Melbourne audiences. Seven better keep him on contract.


Isn’t Mike about the same age as Peter Mitchell? I wouldn’t really consider him as a successor to neither Mitch or Hitch if he’s going to retire after just a few years.


Peter Mitchell is 58… he could potentially have another another 10 or 15 years before he retires. I believe Mike Amor is about 10 years younger?


Anyone except Tony Jones!


Tony Jones, Alicia Loxley, Brett McLeod and (dark horse) Tracy Grimshaw are all ahead of Mike Amor to replace Hitch.


I’d suggest Peter will sign-on again for another contract.


Although if Peter Hitchener does sign another contract, I highly doubt he’d be reading the news for another five years. It’d probably be more similar to the deal Ken Sutcliffe signed in 2016: Perhaps on-air for another year or so but aside from that, the odd bit of work for promotional/obituary report purposes to keep him away from other broadcasters (Seven in particular) so as to avoid another Ian Ross scenario happening.


They may downgrade his days from Monday-Wednesday only.


Tuesday -
Peter Overton is back presenting in Sydney tonight.


Jane Kennedy revealed on the Triple M Kennedy Molloy show yesterday that she turned down an offer from John Sorrell to present weather on National Nine News Melbourne during the late 1980s. This was probably around the time she was a reporter on the short lived, Jo Pearson hosted Body and Soul infotainment show.


Has Nine dispatched Chris O’Keefe to Bali to cover the Lawrence release?

He was hilarious during Nine’s coverage of Schapelle Corby’s release. I’m going to be devastated if that clown is missing from this circus. It won’t be the same without him.


Don’t think so, although in any case I’d personally prefer him to be covering NSW Politics in the lead-up to the March election!


Clint Stanaway presenting sport in Melbourne again this week.


Friday- Mark Burrows is presenting Sydney’s 6pm news,
Sophie Walsh presenting weather


I’m guessing @SydneyCityTV won’t be watching this bulletin tonight. :joy:


And Rob Canning presenting sport.


Where on earth is everyone?