Nine News Presenters and Reporters


Monday -
Sophie Walsh is presenting Morning News & Sydney Afternoon News.


Clint Stanaway presenting sport in Melbourne again this week.


I wonder how long Thommo has. 9 Perth must be getting itchy feet about shaking up the presenter/s again.


Tony Jones has been taking some leave over the last month or so, as he will be working over Summer and covering the Australian Open.


After his 70th birthday party celebration, Bruce Paige seems to be having this week off.


Bruce is back, presenting solo tonight as usual on a Thursday.


Friday -
Sophie Walsh is presenting Morning News & Sydney Afternoon News.


Tonight was Jayde Cotic’s last presenting weather for Nine Gold Coast News. She is heading to Melbourne.


We could see her filling in presenting the weather over summer in Melbourne.


Alicia Muling is presenting sport on First At Five News and in Melbourne again this weekend.

Saturday -
Neil Breen presented sport in Sydney.


Gemma Gunning presenting Early News this week.

Sophie Walsh presenting Morning News & Sydney Afternoon News.


Monday -
Deb Knight is presenting in Sydney tonight.


Mark Burrows now reporting from Bali.


Penelope Liersch will be presenting Gold Coast weather from tonight (not necessarily permanent).



Darren Curtis made an appearance tonight.


When does Peter Hitcheners contract end with Nine?



This Herald Sun article from 2014 suggests 2019.

Nine will not officially confirm, but sources told the Herald Sun the new deal could be for as many as five years, making Hitch 73 years of age when the contract expires.


I feel that Nine (GTV9) may look at Mike Amor as an option?
He seems to be gaining momentum over at Seven.