Nine News Presenters and Reporters


Elizabeth Bryan presented Early News this week.

Monday & Tuesday -

Mark Burrows presenting Morning News &Sydney Afternoon News.

Wednesday -
Davina Smith is back presenting Morning News & Sydney Afternoon News.


My first time watching Mark Burrows today, I completly agree with the criticisms from many on here. He is SO wooden and boring, no expression in his newsreading at all, with many unnecessary pauses as well. I am sure he’s a good reporter, but his presenting is not good at all. I would even prefer Ross Greenwood!


Wednesday - Friday :
Clint Stanaway presented sport in Melbourne tonight.


Melbourne reporter Emily Rice returned from maternity leave this week.


Thursday -

Davina Smith presented Morning News and Mark Burrows presenting Sydney Afternoon News today.


In addition to the many who’ve already left Nine News Queensland this year, two more reporters have left/are leaving - albeit to return to their native cities and move into positions which are likely more lucrative than what QTQ can offer.

Alex Bernhardt is moving to Sydney and will be a reporter for A Current Affair while Sam Cucchiara is apparently moving to Melbourne, presumably to some form of reporting position for Nine down there.

Personally I don’t like to get speculative about this sort of thing, but I wonder how long Mia Glover will remain at QTQ for? If I’m not mistaken, Mia’s a Sydneysider (and did radio news here before transitioning to TV) so I could somehow imagine her moving back here if a TCN reporting position was made available at some point in the future. But at the same time, of course it’d be great if Mia continued in her current reporting position for Nine Brisbane for a long time! :slight_smile:


Sigh… some of the better ones are leaving again ( more so Sam). Apart from Mia, Nine News Queensland have some questionable reporters- Rob Morrison (Joel Dry should have been appointed State Political Reporter before he left), Shannon Marshall-McCormack, Emily Prain, Bridie Barry, Tim Arvier, Alex Heinke and Adam Hegarty (he is one of the better reporters but not a great anchor).

And Jayne Azopardi and Peter Stefanovic were both reporting today… :disappointed:


Yep, the reporter situation at QTQ seems to be almost as bad as it is Seven News Sydney. Just to refresh your memory…

*Sophie Walsh & Zara James, now at Nine News Sydney
*Carrie-Anne Greenbank, now at Nine News Melbourne
*Phil Willmington, retired
*Bence Hamerli, now at 10 News First Sydney
*Nat Wallace, has left TV news (I think)
*Joel Dry, now at Seven News Queensland
*Brittney Kleyn, now at ABC News

And now, Alex Bernhardt & Sam Cucchiara.

Aside from Rob Morrison (one of the best reporters at WIN News Illawarra while he was there), I agree. Although we could probably extend that to say that Nine News Queensland has some questionable reporting because from what I can tell, they do extremely dubious “Special Reports” that TCN & GTV would get massive complaints over!

I know I’ve said this several times recently (and this will be the last time for now, I promise), but…

Nine News: Please use her as a fill-in presenter on Morning and Sydney 4pm/6pm bulletins more often. Have you forgotten or worse, learnt nothing from the experience of loosing Sarah Harris to Studio 10 a bit over half a decade ago?

Seven News & 10 News First Sydney: Please try and sign her up to your network(s) at the first available opportunity. She’s currently being wasted on reporting & Weekend Today newsreading at Nine!


Apologies for the double post but going back through the recording, I wonder why we didn’t see Chris O’Keefe covering the resignation of Luke Foley for Nine News?

Now don’t get me wrong, of course Eddy Meyer did a great job. But don’t you think it’s just a bit odd for Nine’s chief state politics reporter to be away while what will likely be the biggest story in NSW Politics for 2018 is taking place?! :thinking:


You can’t foresee these sorts of things. Leave is often booked well ahead.


Yeah, that’s true.

I don’t really pay attention to this stuff but didn’t COK & Yvonne recently get married? If so, perhaps they were both away on their honeymoon!


Friday -
Mark Burrows is presenting Morning News & Sydney Afternoon News.


Friday (09.11.2018): Andrew Lofthouse is anchoring solo in Brisbane tonight. Aislin Kriukelis is presenting sport.


Melissa is at the birthday party tonight having worked extensively with Bruce in the past.


I know those yellow supers are something specially made for the Bruce Paige celebratory bulletin but with the removal of the stars/sparkles, they’d probably make a rather good point of difference for the Gold Coast bulletin.


Alicia Muling is presenting sport on First At Five News and in Melbourne this weekend.


Michael Atkinson is presenting Brisbane sport this weekend.


Clearly the QTQ exodus has to involve a downturn in standards of the bulletin. It’s become more OTT than A Current Affair and the reporters don’t want a bar of it.


One would have to imagine why the heck are they still keeping that Amanda Patterson woman on the payroll. She should be the first one to go.


Monday (12.11.2018) - Friday (16.12.2018): Elizabeth Bryan is presenting the Early News again this week.